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Come on dude. That poster is quite clearly on the wind up. And they never “asked a question in good faith” look back at their first post in this thread. They just started trying to claim puberty blockers were a problem by posting a totally out of context quote, with no question attached. They said “If anyone has a concern about that and still gets called a terf and cancelled then that’s a worrying trend. I hate instant cancel culture tbh”, which is a complete misrepresentation of what Murphy said and an obvious poke at this website for being upset with her.

Murphy’s original comments were and attack on the the prescription of puberty blockers for trans kids at all, quoting conspiracy theories and far right transphobic talking points, they absolutely were not her just having concerns about possible unknown side effects of treatment which is proven to immensely improve and save lives. Livevil trying to claim that Murphy’s comments were different and saying the response to her is somehow harmful is obvious trolling. Then you coming in and saying that Livevil was just asking questions and has been unfairly attacked is just thoughtless.

You know the issue being discussed here is really sensitive. You know we’re living under a huge moral panic and attack on trans rights, with trans people’s vital healthcare being systematically eroded. This is you being, as you say “a master of foot-in-mouth”, and that’s because you didn’t use your faculties and think. If this is a thing that happens to you a lot then sort that out.

@sean what are you playing at liking this post? You’re the owner, you really should be acting with more care in such a sensitive topic.

Somebody PLEASE ban the troll and stop talking to them.


Yeah you’re 100% right, sorry, I shouldn’t be wasting my time with these schmucks.


It’s just such weak, boring patter as well.
‘‘Ohh lol got a reaction from you by shitting myself in public, haha!’’


Just interesting to know who among us is firmly on the wrong side of this though innit.

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I think there’s a couple who have previously said shit but then stopped and listened and changed their perspectives. Where I think they would be best deployed is to be the ones reasoning with the “reasonable questioners” rather than interceding on their behalf to ask for the rest of us to be nicer.

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Jesus fucking Christ, this thread


Genuine question: Having read all the user in questions subsequent posts (presumably), do you still think they were acting in good faith? Or that they didn’t mean to cause offense?

Don’t wanna pile on you, got a lot of time for you, but is there some better tactic you can think of that would help elucidate genuine posters? Do you have any specific suggestions for how this should have been handled in a way less likely to alienate the poster?

Totally fine obviously if you don’t personally have all the answers, just recall you’ve been on the sharp end of some frustration in the past and wondered what cut through the noise.

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Funny (not funny) how people so easily parrot information found online that screams about the problems with puberty blockers etc, yet seemingly struggle to search for the information required to rebut these points. No, instead it’s somehow easier and better to “just ask questions” instead, thereby causing stress and upset to people these issues affect


Still can’t quite believe someone nearly word for word said this earlier.

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‘keep vinyl black’


like, going by previous comments, they have altered their bio to this as a riposte

Matthew Crosby & Ed Gamble being good eggs about this on their podcast in the last two weeks. Nice that not everyone is a bellend eh.


With all due respect (I’ve got absolutely no axe to grind with you AD, and I’m happy to draw a line under this exhange), that wasn’t what I asked.

Tbf that’s (likely) just a thing about the possible sound quality of colourful vinyl pressings - think a lot of very good posters here might say similar stuff


I don’t think that’s anything sinister tbf, from memory that user had stated in one of the vinyl threads that they preferred standard black records to colour variants.

Edit: jaguarpirate got there first


FYI all, you may notice some posts have gone from this thread, so this is just to clarify that the user in question asked for their posts and account to be deleted


hmm, okay

the santa bit (a response to being called out in this thread) made it seem very sus

Ah right, if it’s a parting message thing then it is a little bit odd (I assumed it was always part of the bio), but who knows

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It originally said ‘cancel cancel culture’

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