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It originally said ‘cancel cancel culture’

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Well to that I say cancel cancel cancel culture



‘Gonna make a profile that says cancel cancel culture. No one agrees with my Bernard Manning views? Mods!! Delete!!’


Sometimes the culture cancels itself


As I’ve alluded to above, if it’s really easy for people to find negative information about these issues, which folk seem to do without any trouble whatsoever, it should be equally trivial to then find the positive information out there and educate themselves without causing pain and upset to the people actually affected. Asking questions in situations like this, whether in good faith or not, is fundamentally very different to simple queries of “what does that mean” or “I haven’t heard of that, pls explain” or whatever, especially when it’s phrased in that “I’ve seen this negative thing, please explain why it’s wrong” manner you see so often. The act of questioning these issues questions people’s existence, and thus makes them have to justify themselves in order to satisfy somebody else’s intellectual curiosity. Nobody owes anybody that whatsoever. Thus the negative and angry reactions


Aaaaand Ella has just said exactly what I was going to in a far more eloquent way so I won’t add any more.


Would also just add that the immediate response was a blunt but otherwise cordial “please do some more reading on this”, to which they immediately went on the “you can’t even ask questions without getting cancelled” track.

Refusing to engage with the content and focusing on the tone is an absolutely classic online right winger :triangular_flag_on_post:


Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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if you’re in touch with them, they need to deal with the response they’ve received by accepting that it’s legitimate and that they’ve badly erred

not sure if it’s a coincidence this was just before the album release.

seemed like that was how kanye did things.

does anyone else remember her ‘overpowered’ tour? at the sonar show, she had a ‘fight’ at the end with her backing singers or dancers. wondered if that happened at other shows. i thought it was a faked, theatrical thing, but wasn’t certain.

if it was an early indicator of predilection for a concocted fight, this time actually harmful

Frustrated with how this played out. The poster claimed in a DM to me that they were ‘sincere’ and ‘not a transphobe’. Yet they didn’t engage with any of the points raised in this thread and ended with some troll posting.

Infuriating that people decrying cancel culture hold ‘snowflake’ left-wingers responsible for it’s existence. Yet this poster - rather than acknowledge their entitlement, apologise for the disrespect, or comprehend differing opinions - got upset and left. Embarrassing. What a baby.


Sure you did your best though at least


Well this was quite a thread to catch up on after a brief mention to the controversy in a completely different thread

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I also posted links to a study refuting their claim that the long term consequences hadn’t been studied, as well as detail about possible motivation for further study. Maybe they didn’t see it, but they certainly didn’t engage with it.




Not defending her or supporting her or anything. But not really ouch, think it would be pretty rare for any ‘indie’ artist to say up the charts. About 90% of the album charts is historic albums from massive artists

The Coral who were #3 last week dropped out the top 100 altogether.


Saddened that AttackDuck seems to have gone from the boards, they only appeared to be attempting to diffuse the conversations and rising conflict last week, and I have never read a bad word from them. I understand emotions were high, yet feel the DiS community has lost a positive contributor here with some, again understandably full on words and said poster has bowed out. I feel when conversations go this way, the receptor, and I know this pales in significance with the conversation in hand and do not want to detract from that at all, yet how they feel could have a discussion lead with a less aggressive approach, lets try and keep the DiS community wide, accepting and educating to the responsive, for I believe they (AttackDuck) were responsive, empathetic. A smaller and smaller community, I’m not sure where that heads. I have felt this community turn on me once, and it felt like an awful sickness of panic. I consider what I write, I love writing, I love music and I love the interaction on DiS, and I love this community, it is unique and needs cherishing. We are all human, and we all fuck it on occasion, behind the scenes of life bleeds into us all. I get the feel for the like minded, even though I do not actually know you, it means a lot. Let’s try and educate and be inclusive, allow people space, not just squash them flat, time to consider and reconsider. I get the anger, I really do, but I do not get the driving people away. The fact that I feel anxious about actually even hitting the reply button highlights to me right now an issue, one that I feel this community can rise above. Please be more accepting, going forward, again this pales behind the matter this thread has swayed towards, which I fully support, can we as a community, going forward allow space, I feel hostility, which I understand why people get drawn to, gets us nowhere.


‘inclusive’? you’re saying this in the aftermath of a few posters dropping transphobic talking points in here at a time when it has seeped into all areas of life, and when there are regulars whose lives are in jeopardy because of said bigotry.

as has been made very clear in response, it is materially different from other topics of discussion; if people are taking justifiably angry responses personally, they’re making this about themselves.

(as you are doing - this is one instance where your fears about replying reflect badly on the position you’re taking up, not upon the response you might get)

people might not typically respond reflexively to such responses, but guess what? they rarely respond well to more measured responses either, hence the exhausted fury of those who call them out.

what else… ‘accepting’? in the context of this issue, that’s completely unacceptable.

you really need to go away and think harder about this. perhaps AttackDuck will do as much, idk.


If you don’t quickly shut down the sort of bullshit that was being posted in the strongest possible language then you are inevitably going to lose a bunch of folks from the community who have very few spaces both online and IRL where they feel safe, welcome and respected. Nobody said anything harsh to AttackDuck, they appear to have taken offence on behalf of a couple of others who were posting completely unacceptable tripe likely to cause significant distress.

I have had blazing arguments with close friends and family over this subject - it is not something you can have a nice friendly little debate about and then politely agree to disagree.