Moments in musical history that passed you by...

For example I discovered many years after the event that one of the acts I had seen at a Creation Records showcase had been Oasis. I have no recollection of them, what should have been a ‘seeing the Sex Pistols at the 100 Club’ moment completely passed me by. Another example, a friend spent the entirety of the Velvet Underground’s set at Glastonbury 93 queuing for the toilet - he argues that he had the better experience. What about missed support acts? e.g. I turned up late to a gig and completely missed a support act called Radiohead, whatever happened to them?

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Was running late for radiohead at, i think, meadowbank stadium in edinburgh. Missed beck. Fuck.


Saw about two songs of the now legendary Arcade Fire headline set at Leeds festival in 2010. Walked off to go and see like fucking Example or Pixie Lott or whatever it was that was in the pop chart then and now forgotten.

Got offered a free ticket to what turned out to be Prince’s last ever tour. Said no because I doubted he’d show up at all.


Blonde Redhead are one of my favourite bands, but I’ve only seen them once, and I was blackout drunk so I can’t remember a thing about it. Friends told me afterwards that I was dancing crazily and yelling at everyone throughout their set about how amazing they were.

Missed my only chance to see David Bowie at Phoenix 1996 by going to see Kula Shaker instead.

Could have supported MGMT at Night & Day but turned it down as I thought they were awful.


I get to feel incredibly smug about this one, cos I went and saw them all by myself while my mates were all off doing the same as you.
That smugness lasted until the Sunday evening of the same festival when I missed LCD Soundsystem on their farewell tour…in favour of being sick next to the waltzer and then passing out on a hill.


I don’t really think you missed much with LCD. I remember there was some delay with setting up so they were on late, didn’t seem in the best of moods when they came on, and the set felt like it ended pretty abruptly. There was a weird atmosphere. They were way better on the tour with Hot Chip that same year and since the comeback.

The Libertines

Went to Leeds Festival in 2004 and they were playing, genuinely had never even heard of them. I swear they weren’t very well known up north until after the fact. Am I wrong?



Was holidaying in a tent in France for the whole day that Live Aid was on TV.

Missed Bruce Springstein at glastonbury to sit on a deck chair spangled on mandy while Bon Iver played (to a sold out park stage) in front of me


Bowie was meant to play T in the Park in 2004 and I’m kind of glad he pulled out due to illness because I would have missed him in favour of Muse and I don’t think current me would have forgiven younger me for that.

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Imagine :joy::joy::joy:

I missed a ton of bands in their primes throughout the entire 90s because I didn’t go to a lot of shows. I recall asking my parents to go see the Metallica/GnR/Faith No More tour in the early 90s and they didn’t let me go. I was upset, and didn’t ask to see anything else for some time after that. Then I moved to a different state in 92, had to make friends first, and the first ones I made weren’t into shows I guess, but we were still like 16-17 and living in the suburbs. Around 18 in our last year of high school many of my friends then were going to see big acts I wasn’t all that interested in seeing, but still wish I had seen at this point. I’ve seen some good shows, but just wasn’t paying attention most of my early years. Could have seen Nirvana, Fugazi, PJ Harvey, Aphex Twin maybe, NIN, etc. Saw some bands in the 00s past their prime like Sonic Youth, Pavement, Skinny Puppy, SDRE, Faith No More finally and Ween in the 10s, etc. Still enjoyed all those shows but man, seeing a lot of that in the 90s would have been amazing.

No that’s John Lennon and Yoko Ono