MOMO and other social media hoaxes

NO ONE SHARE THAT BLOODY PICTURE, ALRIGHT? (I’m not fussed by it, but it obviously freaks out a lot of people and is in enough places already).

Anyway, there I was, wryly shaking my head at the latest weird internet / real world crossover scare story, when I get an email from my daughter’s nursery:

Dear Parents

Please find attached a letter that has been forwarded to us from one of our local councils from the police, regarding a new form of cyber bullying that is targeting your children using a character called MOMO.

Now, do you think this in actual letter from the police?

The world has gone weird.

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it’s just the “killer clowns in white vans” all over again eh?



Police forces up and down the UK are now sending out messages about it (not sure if WMP have yet)



The article the Guardian published today on the topic was really good, imo. (it contains the image mentioned in the OP)

I don’t think that email is from a real policeperson as they claim to have a friend


Got a MOMO warning email from the school this morning… it’s not as bad as I thought it would be before opening it, but definitely not helpful to spread fear amongst parents for something that is just a made up thing IMOMO


Definitely the latest ‘Parent’s Nightmare Of The Month’ but it does seem to have stirred up a lot more people than normal. I believe it originated as a way of illegally harvesting data but has now developed into something far more sinister. Several work colleagues with younger kids have said theirs have been upset by it.

that one where people would move their fingers and the pencil would move cause of Satan was the only good one I remember and I don’t know how the pencil moved.

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When I was younger it was all about Heavy Metal and playing Judas Priest records backwards, or
“there’s a bad element in the village so you’ll have to walk your sister to the party”, said my mum.

“What do you mean, ‘bad element’?” I asked.

“Well, the swings were vandalised, left all twisted round and old Fred had to get up his step ladder to untwist them. And all the cats eyes have been removed from the street, probably by the same people. So we want you to be careful, who knows what they’ll do next!”

“Oh”, I replied, thinking about the drawer full of cats eyes in my bedroom and last night’s walk back from the pub through the playground with my mates, “yeah, no problem”


Use of the word Momo
IT Savy


Mulder and Scully resolved this. It was something to do with a weird adultering dad and satanic rituals in the forest, idk.

All work and mo play makes mo a momomo


I emailed my daughter’s primary school about it, but primarily because the picture really freaked out one of her friends. For some reason, the year 6’s are allowed to bring in devices and they must have shown it around. I wasn’t really aware of the backstory but made the school aware of it. I don’t feel bad for doing so because in my view it’s part of a wider issue that I don’t think primary school children should have phones / etc in school.

Why are parents so weird


To fit the stereotype of being a parent.

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Second only to motorists in the people who’ll believe any old shit on social media stakes.


Imagine the numbers a Momo / carjacking scam crossover thing could do


It releases toxic vapours that make you more suggestible


the picture isn’t that scary btw

momo arigato, mr roboto