Mon 2nd Dec 2019 Thread

I have today bought a few Christmas presents including two secret santas we need for the weekend we arrive back in the UK.

Yesterday we put all the Christmas stuff up in the house. Seems a bit crazy given we won’t be there but who cares?

Anyway, how’s your Monday looking?

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love this theo :fist::rose:

having the Xmas decorations up might deter burglars at least :man_shrugging:

gave a talk at one of the biggest conferences in my field this afternoon - and it went so so much better than when I gave it last month. turns out not being severely jetlagged and jacked up on coffee is a good thing, who knew.


What time zone are you in? I thought maybe you were down here but you’re talking about jetlag so I’m not sure now.

in Sydney atm.

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What is this? The fucking Australian thread? Morning!


Red sky in the morning, beef casserole


I’m at the airport very tired

  • Get up in 16 minutes and get on the bike, you didn’t do anything last week, you lazy old toad, start the week right!
  • Your foot is still pretty sore, sweet gnome, the bed is warm and cosy and it’s Monday, have an extra 40 mins of snuggle

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Hi from bed. Must I get up? Case of the Mondays.

No, I’m not having this. Fuck off Monday.


I could really do with another day off :grimacing:

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Only 90 minutes until they announce the Queen has died and we can all go home again. Stay strong, all.


Alright, Ricey


be so fucking typical for them to make you come in before telling you you can go home the giant bunch of bastards

still hoping she’s dead tho obvs


Don’t exercise on a painful foot I reckon

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I am sorry Tilters, you must.

First time this winter it’s been snowing while I’m cycling to work.

Sitting on the throne waiting for my arse to thaw out enough to shit.

I hate theos avatar

the slight white outline on a bit of it urgh

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Spent my last £2 on the bus this morning, then it broke down after 3 stops so I walked in anyway. Great start.

Late for work and my legs are freezing :cold_face:


Don’t use a shite setting like dark mode and stop being a Tory? :wink: