Mon Day Thread

Morning all. Two day week!

Could this video be any more Glasgow?


I guess I’ll just talk to myself hey?

Morning laelfy, did you have a good weekend? I did, yes laelfy, how was yours? Not bad, not bad.


Before you descend into complete fucking lunacy; hi laelfy, how are you? It’s very misty here and my back is fucked.

Sorry to hear about your back. I’m fine but cba getting out of bed.

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Back from me hols. Super sad about that although life is good even at home rn. Got some good socks on


Back at work from a long weekend. Very nice weekend but I drank too much. Think I need to drink less, might drop it for a month or so

(will definitely not do that)

Had a nice weekend in the sun and hanging out with the cat. What a dream.


Morning Laelfy and pals,

The weekend was supposed to be a nice relaxed one. Readers, it did not end up that way.
I’m so tired I feel like I’m still asleep.

I am a husk of a human being.

Can’t wait for dinner and bedtime :sleeping:

Hope everyone has a good week!

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Properly back at work this week. Baby was not too much of a doofus last night but I have been up since 5.

I wish I hadn’t bothered getting up tbh, it’s sweaty and muggy and I’m already bored.

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it’s not a bank holiday today is it? I’m on the way into town getting those vibes

Best not to go to work, to be on the safe side


Hi Xylo

Glad you’re back - looking forward to receiving more private hot tub photos again.

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Morning laelfy, assorted GBOLs

Trains were fucked this morning so got in late and now have to sprint across to a meeting in a building about a mile away, where I shall arrive sweaty and red-faced due to the humidity. Good start to the week this. :+1:

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My review of Paris was that it didn’t have enough hot tubs



This, and other assorted profanity.

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Hot Tub De Paris


Got a good feeling about this week


morning everyone

I thought I was going to be in a rush to get to the office at a reasonably not late time, but thanks to my street smarts I logged into my work computer and it turns out there is no good reason for me to go in anymore so I’m gonna work from home

Had a pretty nice weekend - went and chilled on the beach with a couple of beers last night then went for Honest Burger and it was a decent/10 evening

Morning you attractive lot :coffee:
Apart from admin for my nanna and staring at some coursework I’ve got the day to myself which is nice. Overcast as you like, mind- could’ve sworn we were promised a storm to clear the air.
Finally started killing eve and can’t stop muttering “jambon et fromaaaage” to myself cause that’s the only french I can remember. Speaking of which, did you have a nice break @xylo ?


24 hours ago I was just going to bed after dancing all night in Poland

Now I’m at work

What the fuck