Mon-Fri Foot

Pick the bones out of the weekend’s soccer action, 2 good FA cup semis, a very good clasico, every game in the premiership going as expected.

This weeks foot diary:

Mon: Newcsastle secure promotion vs. Preston
Tues: Chelsea to basically win the league, Huddersfield to confirm a playoff spot
Weds: Arsenal vs. Leicester, Boro vs. Sunderland, Spuds vs. Palace
Thurs: Sevilla vs. Celta Vigo
Fri: Cardiff vs. Newcastle

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i’m so annoyed i didn’t watch el classico


Heroic escape from relegation from the Ryman Prem was completed amidst farcical scenes in front of a season high home crowd.

22 points out of 30 rescued us, we looked absolutely dead and buried at the end of February.

If I was capable of emotions, I would have been on a roller-coaster.

Pleasing result in el

It was a very, very good Clasico. It will be very annoying if their trophy cabinets mean history remembers Messi and Ronaldo as equals.

I know there seems to have been a bit of a backlash the last few months (“he just runs around a lot” is apparently a sincerely held opinion), but I’m properly chuffed for Kante. Have really enjoyed watching him this year- his reading of the game is unbelievable at times, and it’s also been good to see his passing and shooting ability improve as the season has gone on.


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It’s very strange isn’t it

The Eredivisie is all but decided, as in a very close match PSV defeat Ajax by a single goal, leaving Feyenoord 4 points clear with two games left to play. All eyes are on the Europa League now.

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Someone reboot him please @Parsefone @plasticniki


Don’t think I saw this covered last week.

This response from the Torquay club owners:

Following this article in the Guardian:

From what I know I think the Guardian article is pretty much on the money. Club response is full on @needlessly_defensive

On the pitch we beat Dover 2-1 away to pull us out of the relegation zone, with North Ferriby (already relegated) to play at home, it’s in our hands now :pray:

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People get in a huff about this, but I don’t remember the last time I heard anyone in real life suggest Ronaldo was better than Messi. I think it’s a debate that only exists among 12 year olds in the YouTube comments section.

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Wolves playing Dogs tomorrow - As much as I love these covers, that’s a bit of an off-looking Yorkie…


I’m off to Chelsea-Saints tomorrow. That’ll be funtimes! :soccer:


my sister in law thinks ronaldo is better, but she’s spanish with a general hatred for barca and messi. she’s so easy to wind up about it, it’s so much fun :slight_smile:

Cardiff v Newcastle set up for hilarity regardless of result, can’t complain.

Good day of football yesterday.

Celtic played pretty well, but Rangers were largely woeful, and it was a completely comfortable victory. Can see next week’s game at Ibrox being bad-tempered - we’re due one with a few red cards, and it being meaningless in terms of the league might cause some players to lose their head I think.

Arsenal v City wasn’t a classic - it made me remember how enjoyable Oxlade-Chamberlain is to watch when he plays well though. I always feel slightly cheated when extra time doesn’t lead to penalties.

Real v Barca was just great. Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi.



Not usually one for funny photoshops but this just made me do an audible snort