Mon Lun

how hungry are you scale of 1-10

10 minutes ago i was at a 3 but have just jumped up to 7 approaching 8

at noon it was a full on 10 so I ate

a falafel wrap i made at home
packet of cheddars (which i really didn’t need because…)
i’m now snacking on a packet of that “love corn” stuff, it’s haberno chilli and my face is sweating

got some plums and a banana for later

Yeah quite hungry. Actually gunna grill some loumz right now, bung it on the tabbouleh I knocked up yesterday and stuff the whole lot in my gob. Got a bag of bombay mix I might pick at too!

I just ate a pulsin bar cause I’m a bit hungry but don’t wanna take lunch too early

Probably about a 6 out of 10

Not sure what to get for lunch

Put them on your desk looking like a cock and bollocks, it’s the rules

not into that at all. load of shite. not even sorry.


bit bendy

for some reason i absolutely love it

though the stuff you get in spain is way better

it’s tasty enough but not filling whatsoever

would need to get through about 40 packets

what do u think are the fillingest foods



what you saying then?


i could eat 1000 calories of cheese way easier than 1000 calories of porridge

Just getting out of bed so about a ten? Probably have some soup and toast.


potatoes too

I’m going by weight