Mon the day

Good moaning.

Sending my lovely pals of dis the best vibes that Monday has to offer. We can do this.


Good moaning tilty, others to come. After a night of utter hell at work I am going to bed, hopefully not to dream of broken boilers and condenser tanks. Night :yawning_face: :sleeping:


I have several phone calls with mortgage advisors and solicitors today and I am totally out of my depth! UGH

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This Monday is non-operational … (screeching guitar noises).


The heating went mad this morning and made me uncomfortable hot. Now I feel irritable.

Fuck off Monday

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I’m off to hospital later, so that the doctors can look at my insides.

The appointment is at 3pm. I’m not allowed to eat until afterwards. I’m hungry, and fixating on food already.


Waiting in for a delivery (crow crown) so going to have to find ways to pass the time. Really hate days at home, no matter what we do it only takes up like 30 minutes max and then I have to find a billion other activities.

We are going to have an off-season pancake day though so that’s something to look forward to at lunch.

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Week off work this week, which is surely a good thing? So why am I feeling grumpy and agitated? Maybe I need some breakfast

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Morning all. Putting off getting out of bed, listening to the rain hammering the window.

In banal news, need to order replacement keys for the windows in the flat I’m selling as I appear to have lost them all.


Hi I’ve accidentally put my first name down twice on a flight booking and have already checked in (so it reads FIRST NAME , FIRST NAME, SURNAME on my boarding pass). Am I fucked?

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The fact this is not more widespread is poor. As a Canadian family pancakes are eaten liberally and it improves every day immediately and immeasurably


Genuinely hard to get my head around the fact that in the before times I’d have been up for 2 hours by now, and on a tram for at least 30 minutes.



that time of year where you dont need to check the weather forecast :unamused:


Is it within the U.K.? Because they don’t check for those.

It’s not, no. Just phone the airline and they seemed non fussed about it so :crossed_fingers:

Legit know someone who legally changed his middle name to Joey JoeJoe. He changed the rest of it too but it’s not quite as good. His son is called Joey JoeJoe Jr.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day