'Mon the evening

My plans are as follows: beer, food, more beer. But enough of me droning on and on. What are YOU up to?

run, food, beer, beer, beer, beer

Housemate and his brother were on a drinking sesh last night, I’m just home from work and the toilet smells absolutely horrific


Currently in a Mexican standoff with 'er indoors about going to Co-op for sweets. Both pretending that we’re not that bothered, but if you were going anyway, I’d have…

Not going to crack first. She’s at a psychological disadvantage because she brought it up first. I’ve got this.

Still at the mechanic going on two hours now, need to do some work when I get out of here. On a plane to Texas tomorrow for work this week. Not looking forward to it.

Oh shit she’s got a Wispa Gold in the cupboard that she must have forgotten about. If she remembers it’s there then it’s all over.


Eat it.

That’s a line I’m not willing to cross. I’m very respectful of other people’s food.

For now.


Alternatively: alright, Michael Jackson

In the cupboard? Not the fridge? In this heat?

Gentlemen, this is democrrrracy manifest.

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She doesn’t do fridge chocolate. It’s been there for maybe a week now.

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I’m a sweaty gross goblin man on the train

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currently: drinking a refreshing lilt
futurely: mostly tv, continue yesterday’s reorganising of the flat, cooking some sweet potato mash and… something to go with it.

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honestly doubt there is any better refreshment available than lilt.


Drinking a pimms. Bad day. Will either do some more work on laptop or make some garden planters. Either way will involve more pimms


Someone a few doors down had an attempted burglary last night. I did hear a bang in the night but couldn’t find anything. But I think someone might have tried our side gate.

Leftover pulled jackfruit and last chance u on Netflix

not enjoying this season as much for some reason. too much coach brown reading twitter.

I’m only two mins in, he’s onstage with his dog #BrentMeisterGeneral

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