'Mon the evening

stogie <3


Hmm well I’m waiting for the NCTJ to confirm that they haven’t fucked up somehow or forgotten to tell me that I have 6 new modules to take or run a 100 mile marathon in under an hour before I can have my diploma, but I received an extremely unexpected email this afternoon, and that email is that I have PASSED my portfolio (unexpected because they said it might take longer than 5 weeks but it took literally under a week, WHAT THE FUCK) and so to my knowledge I am FREE of my journalism course forever.

Celebrated by caning a load of Cheesestrings and calling my parents who gave a very underwhelming reaction. I said I’d cook curry for my housemate and her bf because they are having a hard time ATM, deeply regretting this as I would just like to get shitfaced and eat a pizza.


That’s fucking awesome Pervo, well done :heart:


Curry, Schloer, vegan almond magnum.

Just read loads of stuff about rice pudding put to my gf for fun.

Just been round my parents new gaff and had some champagne, it remains fucking disgusting fizzy heartburn juice. On the way home for chicken dippers, chips and beans now. My Friday tomorrow thank fuck.

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had a dream last night that birds kept trying to get into my bathroom window I was closing it and they were lifting it up with their beaks to get in,

then there was some pretty disturbing stuff that I won’t upset anybody with.

Strange dream!

also my phone has run out of battery which is such a relief as now nobody can contact me

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Can you put some cheese and tomato on a naan bread?


bet you could do this!

Would eat


The air is actually warm.

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:smiley: sadly no naans in.

Current temp

  • :cold_face:
  • :slightly_smiling_face:
  • :blush:
  • :sweat:
  • :rage:

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I’m going to have a cold shower. Partly due to the temperature, but mostly because the boiler’s still broken but I feel grotty.

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I am tired and need to cook myself some rice.

Put it in a bowl of… wait

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how will I have a bath if it stays this hot?!? :frowning:

just had a (free) driving lesson
went on the motorway and everything. wtf?? most dangerous thing ever

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people who haven’t driven before shouldn’t be allowed to drive