Mon then!


Let’s FIGHT! … actually no, I mean tea… let’s have some tea.

Morning peoples! How’s it going? I am not feeling too great :ghost: and I’ve got the Sky engineer coming round at some point, this will be the third time they’ve tried to make things work and I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

Anyway, enough about me, I hope you’re all good :sun_with_face: It’s Monday! WOOO!!! Let’s have a Monday party :fireworks: :champagne:




Mornin. Dreading work today but it’ll probably be fine. Wont it? Yes… probably. Drinking an enormous cup of coffee, probably the highlight of my day tbh.


Alright witcho. Got the dreads cos I left quite a lot of shit to do leaving the office on Friday, must’ve completely forgotten that Monday was a thing there. Loooooong commute in from south west London this morning too. Gonna get a coffee at the station :mountain_railway:


Aw sorry to hear that, dreads are the worst. I hope all is good.

I must admit, after hanging out with my dreadlocked friend at the weekend I immediately went to imagining you with a head full of them.


I would not disrespect another’s culture in such a way.


You’re a class act, jezza


(Plus they look shit!!!11)


Morning witches, eps, e4, j_i

Today is my Tuesday, as Thursday is my Friday. Started packing up our lives to move at the end of the week. Our living room is now completely full of boxes. Why do we own so many books? Also kicked up so much dust from all the places we never clean properly that my throat feels all funny.


I genuinely feel a bit freaked out at how much dust I cleaned off the walls the other day and from above the doors (there’s a ledge we couldn’t reach above two of our doors) Literally sheets of the stuff came off. Bleurgh.


Morning everyone. Got today and tomorrow off work following the yesterday’s marathon. I am currently running myself a radox bath. I haven’t had a bath in over a decade.

Shall I hashtag the posts I submit while I am actually in the bath? Just to make you OFFICE WORKERS jealous?


thanks but no


After witnessing the World Cup Drumming at Deafheaven last night, I put McLuskyism on in the car this morning.

Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues is some song isn’t it?




Was late to work because I got on the wrong bus but still spent about 2 min playing with a cute cat I found on a windowsill, she was black and had lots of grey face hairs awww. Now I’m on dis instead of checking my emails lol why haven’t they fired me yet




Got tattooed on my shoulderblade yesterday. Can’t sit comfortably on my chair. This’ll be an interesting test of my patience.

My dog crashed into my leg on Saturday and I now have a massive lump just below my knee, which also hurts. Thanks, dog.

It’s Monday.


Got to the office, put my bag on the desk, dropped my notebook on the floor, bent down to pick it up, split my trousers.



Happens to the best of us, but no less annoying when it happens!