Mon Thread Day on Monday

Just woken up.

Sleep is very fractured at the mo.

What’s happening aside from the lockdown?

Combo of work from home, FM and mildly fretting.


I’m at my mum’s house and can’t sleep so just trying as much as I can to relax with 2 bottles of Peroni.

Amidst all the external circumstances we had a great, lovely Mother’s Day (we had a Chinese takeaway at home and she isn’t in any at-risk category plus it was just me and her) and I can’t thank her enough for talking to me openly and honestly about this whole horrible Coronavirus situation as she has done with incredible articulacy, compassion and kindness at all the other times I’ve struggled with both personal and global crises in my 34 years on Earth.

It’s just that I’ve had a cliched Blitz spirit mentality of “everything will be fine, we’ll get through this” in the last few weeks and as much as (see the COVID-19 shitposting thread) I can see light and find humour in dark, difficult times (some need it and I’m only satisfying the demand) and my mental health is really, really good at the moment (been in excellent form for 2/3 of 2019 and all this year), plus I work from home anyway and don’t really leave my small town that much, I just fear what’s to come. And if the worst comes to the worst I hope I maintain my warmth, love and empathy for others and don’t snap.

It’s very surreal for someone like me with Aspergers as I often seek solace in my own world, especially when I feel down - gaming, watching films, writing at home on my own etc and this rarely makes me feel lonely, but it’s much harder to adapt to when it’s something beyond your control you don’t have an easy quick fix to.

I feel a bit embarrassed about the cartoon hysteria of previous times I’ve felt like this, like the moment Trump took office he would drop a nuke and end the world, or that the moment Brexit got done on 31 January every town in England would get its Polish shops firebombed by racists, but this is a much more direct, grave and complicated threat and I don’t know if trying to be cheerful like all your YouTube influencer personalities works, maybe I need to face these problems head on and look the beast in the eye. I have no easy answer. But I feel blessed that I’m on a forum where most people are very sympathetic, intelligent and understanding about these things. You’re a great set of people and I’m so glad at times like this we’re a forum that cares for and looks after one another.


I don’t understand why I keep waking up so early. Annoying.

WFH I guess. I’m going to do a load of laundry and hope my bloody flour arrives so I can make some bread

Its the light I think, its waking me up too, when the clocks go forward it should be better

Good point. Annoying.


Finally, officially, off work until 1st May.

(Not WFH, like… go away, come back then)

Off to work. Let’s see what today brings.

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Got a barrage of messages from R’s dad over night about him coming over, or even taking him to his aunts as usual. No idea how to deal with him. Can’t get it through to him that it is bigger than he is trying to make out :man_facepalming:

Going to go in the garden today even if it is windy af again.

Hope you are all ok xxx



Now this is a day winning post, and congratulations to @anon19035908 for that, but we all need to think about peaking this early in the day and keep the good stuff for 3 o’clock in the afternoon when we’re going stir crazy.


I need to get this stuff out while I can before work!

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Having toast for breakfast, to see what all the fuss is about.

Going to work. Hopefully a briefish bit of organisation and then I can head home.

You’re doing the Lord’s work here, Funkhouser

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Morning anyway. I’m on a day off, but it’s lost its meaning. Will be supervising my children’s home education and probably still fielding calls/emails etc.

UPDATE: still rubbish

What spreads you using?

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Nothing but the finest quality spreads in my house, obviously: the reduced sugar marmalade that’s left over from when ol’ ma Dr Epimer came to stay.

Seems a good choice. Brown or white and do you tent them to avoid the toast plate condensation that is such an issue in these toasty times?
Guess you can’t have butter either. That does make toast sad. Maybe try Nutella next time??

No tenting, but no obvious condensation issues. White.

Butter is fine actually, not much lactose left by the time it’s made - but I don’t really like it.

I don’t like the texture of toast. I think that’s an insurmountable obstacle.