Mon Thread Day on Monday

Christ, teams on desktop is woeful

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You get caught out by the “webcam on by default” thing like all my colleagues did?

As if the workstations here have webcams :roll_eyes:


Did get a couple of hours more sleep in the end, mercifully.

Absolutely no urge to get on with work today.

Just about to make the 20 second commute to work.


Stay safe buddy :fist:


Day one of two people trying to do a full time job and manage childcare from home. Looks like today’s a quiet day for me, and I can see that one of my projects got postponed which should free up a bit of time.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.


Nice day for it


Morning all!

I’ve been up since 6.30 with The Child watching Andy and The Band. She refused breakfast until I made myself some toast and then demanded a slice of my breakfast, which she justified by telling me, “Sharing is Caring.”

Brown toast, butter, Biscoff spread (smooth)*

*I bought smooth by accident but it wasn’t terrible.

Today, at homeworking:

I need to make a mailing list to get in touch with my night class who’ve only met me once.

I have individual bits of feedback to send Higher English. They’re properly in limbo at the moment because the guidance on how they’re replacing exams hasn’t yet been released.

Need to attend a Teams meeting with the department. Will make sure to switch the webcam off.

I’m going to get dressed in outside clothes even though I’m not leaving the house today. I think it will be better for my mental health.

Love the idea that the child(s?) just decide to stay in bed and give you a day to concentrate on work.

Had an unexpected ‘promotion’ today. Boss has followed business guidelines and has isolated for 12 weeks, leaving me to run the shop. Won’t get paid for it mind.


And I’ve also been asked to try and grab a “cheap” Camel Up board game. Can I find one for cheap anywhere, ofc not.

Morning everyone

Really need to stop fretting and get some exercise today.

And do some work. But I’ll probably just fret most of the day

He’s watching Horrible Histories right now. That’s basically home schooling, isn’t it?


Good luck everyone today x


I can’t find one either :pensive:

Might pour my heart heart in here later, depends if I can source a massive glass of red wine and then feel I can be vulnerable for it… but genuinely hope all my DiS friends are getting by. x


Big ol’ pot of coffee. Bit of work, bit of FFVII. This is life now.


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