Monda evening

Starting it early aren’t I?

Great start to the evening…managed to leave a work conference early so I have 90 minutes left before I pick M up…having a Tampopo and reading, bliss.

Our manager just told us we’re all getting a gift voucher tomorrow to do our Christmas shopping. :heart_eyes: Steam mop for myself then, yoink.

Any positives from today? What’s for dinner?


Going to have a shakshuka and some bread I baked myself. I’m getting OK at bread, I think.


Fuck it, I’m having pizza

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Train back to London unto just before 10pm. Usually I want them to be a bit late but this one was cheapo so on time please :crossed_fingers:

Downloaded Scream 3 to watch. Can’t remember if it’s any good. Suspect not.

Oooo nice!

I only ever bake the new York times no knead bread. Pretty impossible for it not to turn out amazing and I’m rubbish at baking. Have you tried it?

What a fantastic realisation. Gravy soup.


Evening scout. Ate various Vietnamese concoctions I made at a cooking class. Got one of the dresses I had made back from the tailors and it looks awful, I don’t think I’ll wear it :slightly_frowning_face:. Had a job interview, went ok.

Evening all. Feeling stressed about a hundred different things, yay for Monday

had a driving lesson today. changed teachers as per dis’s advice, and the new one is…better? she panics a lot more, but is more nice, attentive, isn’t on her phone at all during the lesson etc.


went on the motorway for the first time today too :sunglasses:


No, I quite like kneading bread. I love the feeling when it gets really gluten-y

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I have just found out I no longer need to go to Leicster tomorrow for work (would have been 6 hours of travelling plus all day there) so I am pretty happy about that!

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Ah pal I’m really made up for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Just catching the end of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge there. Freezer fish and chips for dinner tonight :yum: Gonna drink some wine.

Evening all,

Really excited for the next time I do something fun which at the moment isn’t until Dec 21st :confused: Bah.

Evening Scout etc.

Rare evening at home tonight. Bolognese for tea, I reckon.

Other than that, bath, Taskmaster and early to bed.

hi everyone!

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Evening, achieved absolutely nothing today. Well, about half a cryptic crosser. Got some marking to do, gonna try and wing a baked orzo… thing cause I cba to go to the shops.

For ffs sake

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I was going to go the pub for penoid evening but they’re all playing this terrible new game that just came out so I might stay home and sulk instead.