Monda evening

Have you played it?

Prevening DiS

More rubbish toddler behaviour today so it has been a lovely relaxing time here. Did actually have a nice and productive morning though, so guess that was good.

Got some cauli cheese on the way + french stick to mop up the excess sauce :yum:

I’ve watched enough gameplay videos to have formed an opinion, thankyouverymuch.

(plus a procedurally generated card game is such a fucking stupid idea on a fundamental level)

Edinburgh expenses tea poll

  • Dishoom
  • Wahaca
  • Wagamama
  • Vietnam house(? - think its called that cutthelights recommended)
  • Other (Please specify)

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Other: whatever Witches is cooking



just had a fun couple of hours playing along with fun songs on my guitar

gonna put the oven on now for tea - pie and chips yay me


So no then, go and play and then moan.

Procedurally generated decks ffs

what game is this?


ah got excited but it’s a real card game so requires human interaction :frowning:

Cooking dinner for my GF and listening to the most recent Katie Kim album. What a cracking fucking record.

Don’t know what I’ll do for the evening. Might do some college work, might just play ‘Fallout 4’.

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Have you ever seen the crossword episode of Inside No 9?

man I need to play Fallout 4 again.

I had loads of fun making wonky shacks for my wastelanders to live in and turning everything in the world into scrap. Quite addictive and relaxing in a weird way.

Cauliflower cheese is my absolutely favourite.

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I have not - do I need to have seen any other episodes?

I went and fought about twenty synths the other day because I needed a load of aluminium for something. Seeing a telephone or microscope while exploring gives me a little thrill! Copper! Fibre optics!

My GF really loves building the shacks, she’s built some fine stuff.


I hated that job tbf


Nope. Well other than to know its quite dark but it’s made me want to do cryptic crosswords now.

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(And the crossword in the show appeared as the cryptic crossword in the guardian the day it was aired…bloody love a good Easter egg or whatever you call that sort of thing)