Morning all. I’ve been awake since about 4am but for once I’m not so bothered as I have a day off.

It’s fun watching it get light outside.

What does your week have in store?

Morning tilts et al

Today is my… I’m not even sure. I’ve got the first three days of the week off and am currently still in Devon. Weather has been grim but there’s not been flooding particularly, so that’s good.

Amongst today’s activities is a trip to the House Of Marbles! :partying_face:


Have you lost yours?

That’s their tagline!

(Not really)

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Once you roll, there goes your soul?

it is absolutely and resolutely too early for this

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Hiya. Have been afforded a lay in of sorts by kiddo. But she was a spanner during the night, so I’m pretty tired. Packing for Belgium tomorrow and solo parenting all day. Travel down and drop daughter at my parents later.

I’ve been awake since 4.30 :frowning:

I think today should be alright? I think I have a bit of a tendency to half-arse the smaller tasks at the end of the week which can make for moderate stressiness at the start of the work week

Got podcasts to listen to for the commute back tho so silver lining either way

I have a full life

morning tilty, all :wave:

I think I have a normal, nothing out of the ordinary week ahead of me? no having to go to random offices at work, no particular events planned for after work during the week, should be pretty uneventful. probably a good thing imo.

in other news, my favourite work jumper has a hole in it :sob:

Started feeling sick and dizzy late last night. Hope I’d wake up feeling better, but: actually much worse.

Really needed to get into the office at least briefly today to file something but that’s not happening, so I’ll have to ask a favour of a colleague to do it for me.

Week is otherwise looking fine.

Got up at 7 to watch NXT takeover. Worth it.

Catching a bus to chiang rai tomorrow then going to Laos on Saturday


R had night terrors last night which was absolutely horrible, feel so helpless because there is nothing you can do while it happens :frowning:

Nothing to do today but endure it. Trying to make a nice plan for tomorrow. Maybe we might go Science Museum and see if we can bother @anon75298087 (and maybe @tuna) for lunch if they’re free?

Morning. Cba today. Gotta go to London tomorrow for work. Sick of trains. Too many trains.

Falklands job interview at the end of the week lol


13 years today since I got together with the TV. Celebrating by leaving the baby at home with my mum this evening while we go to watch Katya and The Comedy Queens performing some drag in Leeds.


Slept so well that I am dreading the rest of the weeks less good sleeps

Lost my work pass. Oh no.


Not feeling today at all.

Working in MK this morning, meeting in London this afternoon, then got the kids this evening.

Roll on tomorrow lunchtime and then two and a half days off. Maybe visits to Poole and Lewes but both looking highly unlikely.

Oh so I’ve been blathering about this over in the work angst thread

But basically every couple of years they advertise for a couple of people in my field to go work there, cos they can’t recruit locally. Usually two year contracts, this is the third time since I graduated. Always been kind of tempted. One job went up again recently and my partner is (unexpectedly) sorta onboard with the idea this time around, so I stuck in a very very speculative application. Skype interview on Friday.

Dunno if I’d take it if I were offered it, it’s a lot to consider


When I was younger my Mum applied to a job in St Helena but then pulled her application out as she was worried if family were ill etc. Always regretted it 🤷


Still in pyjamas, my Dad is coming in a bit to put up a shelf, kids still in bed. Sun is out at the moment so might drag them for a walk later.