How is it Monday already. I just want to cry.



I’ve fully lost my voice. Don’t feel particularly ill, though. Going to see if I can get sent home from work.

Nerdy card games in the pub tonight either way.


Gonna get a right telling off today for laying into someone Friday. Totally deserved it but made him cry and leave early I found out yesterday :confused:

No real plans this week - my FM game has gone to hell after winning a domestic treble.


oh dear! man, not something you want to be dealing with on a Monday, that’s for sure. or any day, really

gonna pull out the temporary insanity card?


morning. not in the best of moods. found out an afrobeat night I was putting on on Wednesday has been cancelled.

got a loose text on Sunday saying they feel my prep was half assed. cheeky cunts. reckon it was because I said I wouldn’t advertise it on Facebook. just said I’d open the doors and play the music loud, as that’s all the advertising you really need.

this cunt is a right joker. gonna give him a face to face battering when I finally catch up with him.



I’m ok
Got a fire evacuation drill at 10 at Im worried about the cat getting scared/found out. Not sure where to hide him.
Then getting my essay back in front of everyone :slight_frown:



I’m back at work after two weeks off. had loads of plans to use the time constructively, learn stuff or do some overdue DIY at home, but instead I bought a new TV, watched some films and spent most of the second week playing FM. great job.


nah gonna threaten to walk as soon as I get called in - they’ve started taking the absolute piss as I’m covering about 3.5 jobs over the next couple of months cos everyone they employ is a fucking simpering idiot.


nice. gonna use this beautiful insult on someone today. cheers bro!


No probs. Trying to decide if calling him a ‘mewling simpleton’ to my manager will land me in hot water.


Got really drunk with work people friday. Can’t remember doing anything incriminating though


Starting my Monday off by waiting for a drop-in appointment at the GP. Fun. Weekend was Crystal Maze (decent) and videogames (decent).


I think if you can find an alternative noun, you’ll be fine. Although it will cost you points in the phrase quality stakes.


grey as fuck today, isn’t it. well, here anyway. might ride my bike into the sea, or something


London people… Me and my friend are going to London for a whole weekend and he doesn’t know it at all so it’s all on me. I need ideas for places to hang out.


Morning all

I was wedged against the window of the train for half my journey this morning as some broad-shouldered prick barged his way onto the seat next me (and half of mine).

Quietish day ahead though.


must be shit then



I just wanted a cuddle



Got the week off. Sat in bed eating cereal.