Really having to push it with these unique thread titles now. What’s going on, friends? I’m off to work in a minute so that’s fucking awful.


Last day of my ‘holiday’. Silly baby up from 1-3 last night. Bleurgh.

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Stayed up too late trying to finish my book but fell eleven pages short.

THAC woke me up too early.

Not a good combination.

Also got the kind of period pains that extend half way up your back :persevere:

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Mrs W’s first shift as a Samaritan; and my first day back at work after two weeks off - cue dodgy parenting and letting the kids occupy themselves.

Whilst writing this Carol Kirkwood on BBC news has just announced that she’s seen lots of doggers in Greenwich Park. Seems a bit early in the day for that kind of behaviour.


That’d be me on day 3 of just a few hours sleep thanks to the heat. Already flagging.

Those thunderstorms need to get a move on.

Did you have a nice holiday weebs?

Morning! Up and seeing what people want to do. The main answer is not much or I don’t know, it’s like what do you want for dinner but worse…

Still, sunny isn’t it…well it will be.

It was amazing thanks - to the extent that the kids are now hassling me to move to the Lake District.


So instead of pasta, it’s long strips of lettuce
That’s what I dreamt about


You’re dreaming in puns, my work here is complete.

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Back at “work” after a week off. No thank you.

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We’re starting four days of severe thunderstorm warnings here, which I’ve literally never seen as a thing before. I’m sitting in my garden having a cup of tea right now and it’s lovely, but all hell is scheduled to break loose.

Penultimate day back in the office until early October (unless someone is leaving before then or something)

Morning everybody.

It’s my work’s ‘Virtual Away Day’ today. Can’t wait to find out where I’m virtually going away to


You’re going to virtual Go Ape! Grab your helmet and carabiners!


Down to my last 2 days of holiday. Feeling sad. Been nice not having to think too much about possible redundancy. Anyway, of to Dyrham Park to meet my best friend and her family for a walk and a picnic. She’s been through a load of stuff recently, so it’ll be really nice to see her. Need to pop to town and get a picnic first

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Looking forward to going to work. The air conditioning is broken so I’ll have to be wearing a hoodie after about 10 minutes. Looking forward to the cold :cold_face:

Morning all!

I’ve done the nursery delivery and I’m almost ready to start my first working day since June. I plan to make some progress writing a job application which needs to be submitted this week. I’ll probably have some Zoom coffee with my colleagues and end up playing computer games at some point.

Got some wfh company today