Hello! What’s the betting another thread appears as I’m typing this? Anyway, Monday. Off to work shortly for another day of lumping Christmas trees around and that. What you got goin’ on pals?

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I’ll give you odds of 1000 to 1

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Is the Christmas Tree thing part of regular work or an extra for cash?


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Just part of my ridiculous job.

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Some awful Robbie William’s song is belting out in the post office right now, sounds like he trying to RIP off War is Over.

Day off, only of course it isnt as I’ve got a work deadline that I actually missed on friday.

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Can you narrow it down a bit please?


Really struggling to get up these days.

I’m getting the train to work today as I’m going to the greatest derby in world football later, Crystal Palace v Brighton.

Last week was ridiculously busy at work, but I got a lot finished. I’m hoping I can start winding down a bit now.

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Oh God I tried to listen to that new album. Hatred.

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No enthusiasm for anything, at all. So much work to do as well.


2 more wake-ups then off til 6th Jan :drooling_face:

The RW Christmas song Scout is referring to is on the radio a lot. It’s very very bad.

A new one I guess. Saw how he’s trying to corner the xmas market.

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Going to see how little work I can get away with doing this week. Really need a break.

Just arrived in Agra. One week left in India

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In a shit load of pain today, must have done far too much. Ah well. Also got about 4 hours sleep. Which is not enough at all fuckers.

Lots of talk of ‘mum and dad and kids’ etc in it too, like that’s what you have to have to enjoy christmas. What a load of old shite.

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In queue position 8 on the phone to the gp. What are the odds of getting an appointment then

Oh, big jump to 5. Not bad. Let’s do this!

Good lord, look at the photoshop on this