Good lord, look at the photoshop on this


Drank far too much last week and can really feel the Fear atm.

Need to dry out and hit the gym this week to sweat it out.


Got a blood test in a bit. Thought I was going to be brave but totally filled with fear already. Too much stuff to do before then which I will probably avoid and only make it worse later on.

Hope you all have, at least, bearable Mondays.

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feeling fresh apart from the remnants of this cold. i think that’s the least i’ve drank in a weekend in about a decade, it’s amazing how much you save when you don’t hammer it. :thinking:

Just this minute found that he has done a podcast. Quick google found this from Musicweek.

Got a new line manager starting today, first one we’ve had since May. I was in the position as an acting role for a few months so I’m not happy about this. Going to have to keep quiet.

Might be going for Turbo Pints later with an old mate. DANGER.

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Feeling so much cost benefit analysis. Please don’t make me leave the house :sob:

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I like Robbie, Ms Wormit.
However, due to the amount of botox and ‘work’ he’s had done he is starting to look more and more like his Madame Tussaud’s waxwork.


Morning all you sexy people.

Was thinking on the train to work this morning that I will stay off DiS all day to get lots of work done.
Worked well so far!

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I just wanna feel real love for the forum I post on.


Good luck!

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This is how I imagine most of The Irishman looks

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Looks like Morrissey would now if he was still a nice human

Folks, where’s marckee gone? Not seen him for a while.

WFH. Tired. Need that sweet nectar of a 2 week xmas break.

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Morning everyone. Bit hungover.

Going to interleave a variety of work and domestic tasks during the course of the day.

I’m in London (Camden Town.) I just don’t know what to do with myself. Weather’s miserable. Christmas can’t come soon enough. Might spend all day on my laptop in Belushi’s making Now That’s What F.O.E. Calls Music! 104 and making my 104,000-page manifesto for a left-wing party that can actually win an election (the former is more likely :roll_eyes:)

Liking for your chocolate breakfast, not liking that you are anxious today x
You’ll manage the puppy and working from home. Just go easy on yourself! You got this :muscle:


Today is my Friday. 2 (TWO) days off in a row after this afternoon. Having my hair chopped this evening. Might go full fash with it. Going to have some breakfast soon. MONDAY

Thanks m9

Slightly calmer in the waiting room now, but I arrived too early, which is bad :grimacing: