Mondag Abend Thread

Hello Dis,

What’s going on?

Just having a few in Lancaster before I get the back to Glasgow.

Lovefool by The Cardigans was just on, great tune.

Now that song that was sampled by A Tribe Called Quest on Solid wall of sound is on.

feeling a bit fried from work today, got a bit yelled at. dunno what to do tonight. gonna make pasta and watch shit tv probably.


making quorn bolognaise and thinking about doing some work

Going to Liverpool at the weekend so should get to sorting that out really

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Uh oh what you get yelled at for?

My friend who’s a teacher who I met in Lancaster had a kid try to throw himself out a window. So it’s not that bad eh.

Hi (Where’s my covers?)

i’m just editing this thing which is terrible, and there’s really no saving it tbh. they’re mad that it’s not good and i dunno what to do about it.

I’m eating Vietnamese food and drinking non alcoholic beer. The beer isn’t that nice but the food smells excellent.

I’m at my boyfriend’s but he’s ill (not that ill, bad cold or similar). I have a phobia of illness and am really anxious.

why on earth?

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sorry :frowning:

what did you want again?

I am going to make a risotto.

Reckon you’d do a good Pink Glove. Or Man in the mirror.


Coming up to my third straight hour of Monday morning meetings…

Just back from watching ‘La La Land’ there. Wasn’t into it.

Going to watch some ‘Brass Eye’ and do out a plan for this week. Might have a beer later on.

:heavy_plus_sign: bumped into @epimer and his TV at the demo
:heavy_minus_sign: missed the opportunity to chant Stealth BOMBer

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Were you jogging on the spot when you took this?

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Fancied a beer but fully aware I have work tomorrow and spent yesterday at the mercy of all the gin I drank on Saturday.