Mondag Abend Thread

  • fair play keith, that’s an acceptable explanation
  • fucking hell, keith!!!

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I had a hangover but 2 swigs of Hawkshead bitter was all it took to shake it off.

diet starts today, wish me luck!


Apparently the developers working on the building behind our house have applied to do a ‘root prune’ on one of the massive horse chestnuts that overlooks our garden. Whilst I know what pruning is, does anyone know if ‘Root Prune’ is a roundabout way of saying ‘bye bye tree’?

certainly sounds like it!

:frowning: I’m pissed off already

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what’s your plan? Mine is just to be hungry all the time

Listening to Africa by Toto loads because it is a fucking TUUUUUUUUUUUUNE and putting off doing anything useful like preparing for my interview (!!!) or booking accommodation in Leeds.


considering commenting on a facebook status about brexit just because the guy has made a stupid point, essentially to the tune that the 48% who voted against brexit are hypocrites for wanting their voice heard.

Its not like the fucking brexiteers would have fucked up had the result gone the other way

Went to the cinema twice today. The soundtrack to Jackie is incredible (really enjoyed the film as well; proud of myself for having had a number of the same thoughts that Kermode did (independently of him, as I hadn’t seen the review) hence I am a qualified film critic. Also saw T2: Trainspotting, which I think kind of benefitted from the fact that I haven’t seen the first one in yonks and so can’t totally remember much of it.

sounds like a good plan and pretty balanced so hopefully you won’t lose the willpower too quickly!

just came back from the whitehall demo. Had a chat with some fellow human beings, was okay. too many twitter screenshot placards of mike pence saying something or other for my liking.

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was at the Edinburgh one. great atmosphere, huge turnout


yeah, huge turnout here in London too. Like way bigger than I had expected.

fuck that guy sideways.

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Beers, burritos & watching Community etc

Pleasant evenings everyone!

Went to a protest, saw @colon_closed_bracket, listened sympathetically to people speaking about the plight of the white working class, then went for a coffee in a parlour of a Cambridge college because I’m an actual wanker.

Wtf, the gf just put an episode of Not Going Out on. Like, by choice.

Think I’m about to have the most pointless argument of any relationship I’ve ever been in.

So that’s why you were dressed like a chauffeur!

Rumbled. I came straight from work, too.

would your beloved playing cards ever put on terrible television?

no sir, they would not.

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