Mondag thread

I’m a snotty mess today urgh :sneezing_face: hope work aint gonna be too bothersome but we’ll see eh.

Anyone else mondaying today?


I’m Mondaying today. I think the Soft People of Cambridgeshire have all taken days WFHing as both the train and roads were very clear this morning.

Hoping you get well soon!

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Christ, it’s so dark today. Took the train to work because the weather is shit and I just cba to do anything else. My colleague is stranded in Worcester today so work is going to be shite.

Morning Eric. My route into work is a solid line of red on my traffic app so I’ve decided that the sensible decision is to stay in bed for a while and go in later. It’s -4oC with no snow here.

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Fuck off Monday.

I asked my boss how much money I’d have to bribe him with to quietly let me go home. Bastard thought I was joking.


That’s some good mondaying.

Morning ericfourth + all

No snow at all here, was hoping for a bit so the TV could WFH today and we could go for hot chocolate buuuuuut I’m gonna have to do some work instead.

Morning all. Took the decision to WFH late last night. Trains are actually running fine, but Barnet council still haven’t sent out the gritters, so figure it’s better to stay home.

Day off today, which I’m glad about as we’re predicted to have heavy snow all day.

The skip is supposed to be picked up later, which I’m guessing wont happen with the snow.

I finally got the invoice from the builders, which is the same as the quote, i was expecting it to be more as it took a few days longer than planned and they did extra stuff. I might chuck in a little extra for christmas drinks.

The most Monday Monday in a while, this weather is bleak.

Fridge packed up yesterday, could be worse days for it to go I guess…

Woke up at 4:45 this morning - definitely jetlagged :expressionless:

Sister-in-law is staying with us for the week. I like her but she’s an exhausting house-guest, and this is the second week she’ll have stayed with us out of four. I’ve been away with work the other two weeks. Would just like some chilled evenings with the TV TBH.

You’re in the wrong part of Leeds, clearly. This is the view from just outside our place. Not a patch on other parts of the country, but still very pretty.


Morning all. Cold innit?

WFH today as my parents got stranded in London after visiting over the weekend. They should be able to get off today but needed to be around just in case.

Quite glad to not be leaving the house to be honest.

Yeah it’s gorgeous a bit further out, went to the in-laws yesterday in Ilkley and it looked like a Christmas card photo

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No idea what their problem is tbqfh.

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It’s somehow darker outside now than when I woke up a couple of hours ago. This is the worst Monday that ever Mondayed.

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Main roads looks passable though? (NB my boss has taken the day as WFH and I would have been tempted had I not taken last Thursday and Friday as WFH)

Yeah it’s pretty bad here in R-town, but I took the back roads in and even those were fine.


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Yeah I bet Ilkley is crazy pretty in the snow. Love the view from the crag down into the valley :heart_eyes: