Morning chums.

I woke up to find that:

A) The dog had been sick in the living room; and
B) There’s no toilet roll in the house.

Fuck Monday.

Please tell me about your day.


Not much to tell so far tbh

Had about 30 mins of sleep last night


Meetings all morning, working the rest of the day :sob:

Also using this absolute huge spreadsheet that takes 10minutes to calculate :sleeping:

That sounds like it should be done using a different system!

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Hate it when the dog starts heaving and there’s a frantic few seconds of trying to grab him and transport him to a room that doesn’t have carpet for him to be sick in… And usually not quite making it.

It is raining and I am on the train to work. That is all.

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Might be meeting up with my friend and her baby (absolute legend) on Thurs/Fri for a walk! I’ve only seen them in person once, the day that Tier 4 was announced. Friend is getting her ice cold pint on Wednesday, same as me (90 mins earlier) - really excited to see her and now it sounds like our friendship group including baby can meet outside from 29th March!!

Everyone, especially me, is shocked by how much of a besotted and committed ‘auntie’ I have been. I’m not really a fan of babies but it’s different when it’s your friends’ baby isn’t it? Two legends creating the ultimate legend. :rainbow: :sparkling_heart:


yeah. seems that everyone is ok using excel as a database tool. :angry:

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:heavy_plus_sign: made a really good coffee

:heavy_minus_sign: consumed by existential dread and boredom

Still. Good coffee.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning walk


anyone else have loads of randomers following them on instagram lately? i don’t use tags so dunno how they found me

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I get sexbot accounts following me occasionally but that’s all.

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Morning punks

I’m feeling vaguely positive today. All the lockdown announcements yesterday reminded me that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and later this morning I’ll be texting a mate to see if he wants some cans in the park w/c 8th March

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Have a crushing amount to do and just writing a list out has left me in literal hives. Thought that was just a saying :sweat_smile:

Last day off before going back to work tomorrow. Laying in bed with a sleepy snoring baby next to me listening to Johanna Warren. I’m very sleepy today for some reason

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Yo yo

Going to make some black rice congee. Obligatory related song (cc @Kallgeese)

Nervously waiting for R to finish his morning at school, after breaks it is always tough for him going back :frowning:

Trying to hold back the tides of enemy forces in DiS Conquer Club but fear it is a lost cause.

Then more fun and games with Dungeons & DiSers tonight :dragon_face: :crossed_swords: :woman_mage:t2:

Hope you all have nice days x


I’m late for work at home, as I decided to go for a walk before work which turned into a 5 miles as I couldn’t face turning back.

Nice day out though.


I’m being careful with my laptop because I’ve had to duct tape a bit of the frame together (one hinge on the lid has come loose and fucked with the frame). This is not ideal at a time when I am using this laptop for work in the foreseeable future and for an indeterminate amount of time