Morning , sleepy

Thought I was going to have a bike but there is not an appropriately sized window amongst the work calls

feeling much better after a stroppy hungover day yesterday. Sun! Light! Minimal warmth!

Gonna order some stupid beers to have on my (imminent) birthday, make pasta al limone tonight, maybe tackle a second batch of shortbread


Massive, massive cba today.

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Can you not just use the front door?


Fixed it for you x



@tilty @roastthemonaspit


:neutral_face: :expressionless: :no_mouth:

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My boss is very kindly buying us lunch today, plz help me choose

  • Pad thai
  • Stir fried flat noodles (egg and sweet soya)

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  • Veg spring rolls too
  • Don’t be cheeky!

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Just had a coffee. No milk, no sugar.

Fucking gross. How do you lot do it?

any summer roll option? could go a summer roll

No Summer Rolls, I’m afraid.

all of the motivation has gone. there’s none. nothing is happening


pretty much reached the bottom of mine a week ago - or so I thought

cba with anything

know its firstworldproblems but find it really annoying having to buy stuff like batteries and lightbulbs online with shops being shut

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ur drinkin the wrong coffee

I’m sure there’s a thread (and I’m equally sure i’d have muted it), but RECS PLZ.

fresh beans from a local coffee roastery, then grind them yourself and prepare using a hario v60 dripper



What are you using at the moment?

Instant? Filter? Cafetiere? Other?

Thread discipline is all over the shop today, smh

Ohhh THAT’S what those are called. Might treat myself.

Be bouncing off the walls by teatime.

I think there’s a place in Winchy (probably loads) that gets good reviews. This lot: