Monday, 11/1/21

Alright? Off to work, obviously. Glad it’s lighter in the mornings now at least. What’s going on today then people?

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I’m going to bed after being up for the last two hours with the bábóg. Goodnight!


First day of home schooling has started well - the whole house is Still asleep at 8am.


Morning all!

The Child has gone to nursery today so my house will be quiet. I have two classes to teach and about ten hours of work to catch up from last week.

Slept badly; cold; can’t be cba.

Good morning!

I have a short shift at the bookshop today, and then home to finish an article and keep readjusting to living sister-less again. It’s looking to be a cold, but sunny week. Not the worst after grey and wet Winter 1.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Good morning @anon19035908, good morning Geesy, Sheeldzy, Keithy, Russiany, Hoogy, good morning DiS, happy birthday @jamos and many happy returns of the day to Mary J Blige from the no more drama in my life, to Jamie Vardy from the chat shit get banged, and to Will Keane from possibly the last goal my football team will ever score. I hope we’re all super excited to commemorate the anniversary of the first dose of insulin given to a human, and East Pakistan renaming to Bangladesh. I’ll be pouring one out to honour the memory of Edmund Hillary, taken from us too soon as the age of 88 after he spent a good fifty years banging on about some mountain or whatever. Elbow bump the nearest DiSer in your support bubble today to celebrate Tunisian Children’s Day, or maybe National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, or how about both at the same time, what a time to be alive! I’m off to duet with George Michael and catch type one. BYE!


Good morning

My team will be made redundant today. The jobs will move elsewhere

It’s going to be rough and I thought about little else since I found out myself

Hey Funky & Co

Trying to bounce back from yesterday where I made a hibernating tortoise look active.

Plans are:
-finally plant my little Christmas tree before it dies
-collect R from school in all of an hour and a half
-make dahl and baked onion bahjis
-maybe change the beds
-Dungeons & Dragons

Might get on with the cooking now, dahl should reheat fine and I can probably make the mix from the other stuff and set aside for a bit?


Morning friends :wave:
Someone, and I’m naming no names, had a sherry last night and tried to put the tattoo gun they got from amazon together, realised they didn’t have any idea what they were doing, gave up and then decided to try and give themselves a stick and poke tattoo, also gave up on that, and has now woken up with a… “b”? I think it’s a “b”? On their thigh. Said person is now wondering why they are the way they are and why they don’t have a responsible adult monitoring what they get up to.
Anywho. Coffee anyone?


Sorry to hear that, pal.


thanks pal. having a small get together in the lounge later, you’re all invited


Might be an f for funkhouser.

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Omg! Happiest of happy birthdays jamos! Hope you have a lovely day xx

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HBJ :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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:smiley: I would NEVER tattoo funkhouser on myself. I’d go for “Grandmaster Funk” instead.


Fuck this shit



Let’s see how that goes, with two teens and a husband all in live meeting sat the same time whilst I am teaching. :exploding_head:

Happy happy birthday to fabulous @Jamos