Monday 11th thread

On an early train back from Edinburgh to Newcastle. Cold and dark when I left this morning.

Did just find out there’s someone in my organisation with the surname Horseman, though. Almost certainly going to be the highlight of a very boring day.



good morning guntrip

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That’s a pretty nice train to be on tbh tbf.

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The North East Coast and that. Love it.

Someone say something.


If/when you meet this Horseman are you going to call him Bojack? Or simply Jack ?

Please let me know of he’s the greatest horseman of all time.


It’s snowing

Yep, best journey (and it’s looking lovely this morning)


Can’t cope with the thought of having to speak to anyone. So badly do not want to go to work.


Tired, sick,Horrible busy week coming up. #touchmybumthisislife


Trying to decide if I should cycle to my appointment. Pros: quicker than the usual train/walking combo, saves money. Cons: haven’t used my bike in ages so no idea what state it is in, no real bike parking at the hospital for patients/visitors so will just have to chain it to a railing somewhere, there are what counts locally as hills so might get a bit sweaty. Argh. Tbh just want to sack it all off and have a nap until it is time to collect R.

Preschool has a photographer in today, one of these ridiculous ones with props and costumes, overheard that it was “fairies and pirates”. Sure hope R gets the choice of which he gets to be (I won’t be buying the photos)

Had a pretty broken night’s sleep. Up at least once an hour with a moany baby

An unexpected day off (Yaayyy!!) with two vomiting children (Naayyy!!). Only had about three hours of sleep so today should be fun… Hoping for some good, entertaining content from you guys today.

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Morning all. Some pretty nice views from the thread this morning!

Standard day of work, then I’m going to see Grayson Perry at Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast this evening, which I’m quite excited about.

First day back at work after a week off :sob:

you only have to do it for another 40-50 years though


Morning everyone

WFH today thank goodness as like BS I don’t really want to talk to anyone today

Ended up going to see Joker for a 2nd time yesterday - it was that or the very badly reviewed Doctor Sleep (my companion was determined to go see a film and Monos wasn’t showing anywhere and she didn’t want to see ken Loach either). It was fine but it doesn’t merit a 2nd viewing so soon

Have a lovely day everyone xxxxx

For the first time in my professional life I’m having to use up holiday days before the end of the leave year, so got this Monday, next Monday and a Wednesday in the middle of December off. Might go to the gym, but might just eat crisps and play Madden instead.

Morning (allegedly).