Monday 15/11, the daytime

Alright? Really struggling with the cbas this morning, although this week shouldn’t be overly busy or stressful. Might stop at the shop on the way to work and get a Christmas sandwich for breakfast. What’s happening with YOU?

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In chaos as I’ve had to move everything out of my bedroom for a new carpet - only there is no one at the warehouse to give the carpet fitter the carpet so not sure when he’s coming now

Also my bed frame wouldn’t be deconstructed - the big screws will not budge with a screwdriver or a drill, and it’s impossible to get it out the room

Hopefully the fitter will be cool to have me kind of hoik the frame from one end of the room to the other. Pretty sure I’ve done something similar before

Rest of the day I’ll be putting everything back in the room and hopefully getting all my music stuff set up again



Just about to head off to the dentist. Imagine having to get up at 6.30 and cycle to the other side of the city, just to have some fucker poke around your mouth with sharp implements.

Need to do some major tidying when I get back and restore order to the back bedroom after we decorated it over the weekend.

Working a half day today, which is kind of nice because it also means my Friday (on Thursday) is a HALF FRIDAY (on a HALF THURSDAY)

and then I’m going to London this weekend yaaaaay

I had a very unsettling dream about having to kill a robot cat last night

Nice chance from waking up in the middle of the night and thinking about not being sure where life is going

Jesus Christ I cannot be fucked doing another five more weeks of this shit. How the fuck have I already had half term? Swear it didn’t even happen.


VERY important breakfast meeting


Already on the working day countdown. 27 to go! Whooparrrrgggggghhhhhhh

Finally not feeling sick any more after a week of sinus agony, followed by a week of chesty annoying cough.

Why do builders always come so early? Do they ever work after 10am?

Anyway feel free to join in on the music board, a little share a song you’ve loved this year thread that always turns up gold

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Going to other site to field some questions from people. Asked for their feedback last Monday so I could have time to look over stuff. Emailed me on Saturday at 2pm. “Oh yeah sure I’ll just spend my weekend looking at this shit, NOT!!”


I’ve just seen that Fugazi Live Archive have posted a photo from a gig in London in 1999 that I was at.

My bespectacled baldy head is clearly visible at the front / centre of the crowd.

I feel old.


Feeling kind of in to work today wtf is wrong with me.

Last ever day without a tattoo :scream:


Got a cold, back of my nose is burning


Been on the bus too Dublin airport for 70 minutes at this point and I’m done with it.
My insides are in bits from all the booze over the weekend but I have Mogwai tonight so that should help. :sunglasses:


If i sleep on my back then i elevate my legs like this in the night, and then they slowly slide down and wake me up

  • i do this
  • i don’t do this

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If I sleep on my back, I snore and have nightmares.


my nose is permanently partially blocked but i still don’t snore, which is very interesting

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I can’t sleep on my back. Sometimes if I’m silly and eat cheese toasties, some cereal, and a Caramel bar before bed, I can’t sleep on my side cause it’s too uncomfortable.

But, while on my back makes me less crampy, I still can’t get to sleep normally


how big a tattoo are you getting?
make sure you eat before the appointment cos the person will probably draw it up after you arrive so it’ll take ages, and you’ll be starving afterwards regardless

Morning all,

It’s my Friday. Going to see Self Esteem tonight, which is very exciting. Too early in the week to have anything else to report.