Monday 18/5

Alright? Been moaning about work a lot on here recently so I’m not gonna do that today, hopefully it’ll be less hectic anyway so that’s nice. What’s Monday got in store for you then?


Morning Funkhouser and everyone else!

I’m not actually feeling too bad for a Monday:

  • I’ve not had too many emails over the weekend
  • I’ve only got one meeting today
  • it’s sunny and warm so I can WFH in shorts (note to self: add this to the pros of Zoom meetings thread)

Of course, everything has the potential to go terribly wrong but it’s nice to get off to a good start.

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Morning all!

It’s grey and damp outside so I probably won’t be wearing shorts today.

I’ve got some marking to do and then I need to start writing the essay I’ve been meaning to start for the last week.

May your days be very straightforward!


just drinking a coffee and reading my book before showering and “work”

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Main plan is the big fortnightly shop. Beyond that, watching the silly baby toddle around the house and maybe a walk this afternoon.


Fucking hell, do you not think that’s expecting a bit much of silly baby?!


You jest, but she gets in way more steps than me most days…

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Finally figured out how to access the actual remote learning resources for the kid from her school on Friday, feel like a massive chump but now there’s actually a structure for her learning which is awesome so today is going to be about implementing that. We built a rocket over the weekend for one of the tasks from last week.

Monday, is it? :thinking:

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It’s my Friday today. Working the late (again) and slept like absolute shit. Well tired.

This isn’t a particularly proud moment, but I went to the science centre in Glasgow with an ex once and we got roped into the build a rocket event thing. We were the only adult-only participants.

Fucking beasted them. Smashed it. Furthest flying rocket by miles. Won a prize and everything.


Having a cup of tea in bed :+1:t2:

If you’re going to participate, you should do it like that, to the best of your ability. Kids need to learn to lose after all


I feel like my stance here is at least a bit sheepish.

Look at the aerodynamics on that thing. Beautiful.


Oh god who did we get to take that photo


Smol gif!


‘Hey, parent of a defeated child, husband to a disappointed wife (please don’t have your vengeance in this life or the next) can you take a picture of my sweet rocket? Thanks’

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Was gonna get up and go for walk before I sat at my desk all day as my hip has been stiff recently. But haven’t.

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God this is going to be shit.