Monday 18/5

Gonna do my first Joe Wicks workout since breaking my arm this morning, feeling pretty stoked for it

Awaiting news, feel scared and worried about things.

Sent inadvisable messages to someone last night and then had a complete mental breakdown and told them how nuts I was and why I should be put in a bin.

They just texted back with ‘morning!’


I’d go the hospital, exercise can wait.


Morning everyone

Warm enough for coffee in the garden again which is pleasant

Working, will try to fit in a bike ride but I think the old meeting schedule might make it tricky. Hopefully there is an appropriate gap around lunchtime

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day



Let the small cat out for the first time this morning. She came back in one piece so that’s a success.

Hoping work will be quiet so I can finish my book. Pretty bored of WFH now.


People are calling Low ‘beige’ on the HGATR thread so yep, there we go, it’s not even 9am.

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Good morning!

Work is usually quiet on a Monday so I’ll probably be playing around with Ableton Live for some of today (I’m discovering how to use and experiment with video in Ableton, mega fun).

Back to my daily Joe Wicks workout after work which I genuinely really enjoy.

Tonight’s viewing - probably Carnival Of Souls or Vivarium, haven’t decided yet.

Anxiety brain.

  • This means they thought your message was crazy and are plotting your inevitable doom
  • They’re unphased by your madness and everything is fine

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Wtf. Going to get very angry if I go into that thread. They are very obviously an exciting array of greys and black.


It sounded more like a “lol, morning!” reply. Though I probably wouldn’t be doing this on a regular basis.

Hello and welcome to bpd

:frowning: sorry, I probably sounded insensitive x

Don’t worry too much about it. Obviously Low are the best, but not everyone is going to like every band. They’re missing out

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I’ve muted it. I can only vote 5/5 once.

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morning everyone, have a great day. hope today is good for you.


Robot playlist getting to this song is the only thing stopping this day from being usually bleak:

Oh, and film club night.

Stupid photos memories thing threw up that this day two years ago I was actually a good mum and now I feel a bit shit at how far I’ve fallen.


Depends, got any alt accounts?