Monday 19th February 2018 - The Thread

Neighbours had a very loud party until about 4am - on a Sunday night ffs. Had about 4hrs sleep but feel OKish at the moment. How are you DiS?

I’ve called in sick because I’ve been on the toilet for half the night.

What a time for my internet to be broken.

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En route to meet a client in Essex shudder

Had a pretty intense weekend. My sister got taken into hospital on Friday so I spent most of the weekend visiting her. She had an MRI and they told us on Saturday that there was a growth but then on Sunday we found out that it wasn’t cancer. Such a massive relief.

Think I picked up a bit of a bug from the hospital but that’s fine. Taken the day off work today just to recover from everything.

So dreary.

All the best to your sister




Thanks NV!

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Where abouts? Not that it matters much, I would shudder at the thought of most parts tbhtbf…

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Got somebody coming to fit 6 doors in my house. Excited because I’m a slave to materialistic capitalism :confused:

However…he’s almost an hour late now…and I’m working out how to address this (being late really does rile me) without creating a bad atmosphere as he’ll be in my house for two days…

good morning. i’m eating a peanut butter bagel, drinking coffee and watching frasier. i’ve gotta go post some records, go to my studio for a bit, drop some stuff of over at a pal’s and then get on a train down to brighton to see a 90s indie hero this evening, with hopefully a little bit of time to walk up to the cliffs and get a nice sea view. quite a full day tbh! better get a move on.

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Morning all. Had one of the strangest experiences ever happen last night. All of this is absolutely categorically true.

Was walking my dog, Frank, late last night, near to midnight. We were walking back home along the main road. It was misty, and raining lightly, and Frank was being a bit of a dick, stopping at every lamp post and wall to sniff whatever he could get his nose on.

We were about 20 yards away from a nearby concrete bus shelter. In the bus shelter there’s a few notices from the local parish council, so on the way out I’d popped my head in and used my phone torch to read to see if there were any notices. On the way back, we are slightly downhill, looking up at the crest of the hill where the bus shelter is.

As we are walking, I glance up at the road ahead and see a man standing in the middle of the road. As I’m walking, Frank’s extended lead snaps at the limit of the tether, so I turn around and shout “Come on” to him, and look back to see the man walking into the bus shelter. Now 15 yards away I pull Frank close to the lead to stop him jumping on the guy in the shelter, and start to walk past the shelter.

There was no one there.

I looked around to see if they had walked down the little pathway to the left of the shelter, or maybe to the drive way area to the farther side, but was convinced that they’d walked into the bus shelter. With no sight of the man, who had been dressed in a long greyish coat and flat cap, I suddenly feel the hairs on my neck stand up. Frank, is standing perfectly still, looking at me, his ears dropped the same way that he does when he’s hearing someone opening the lock on our front door but everyone’s in the house.

I mutter under my breath “What in the fuck?” and then power walk it back home.

What the fuck. Never experienced anything like this in my life. And I swear to you all, this is exactly what happened. No word of a lie.


Harlow! I’ve never been before but I’m being picked up at the train station :man_shrugging:

gonna make an album this week I think


:fishing_pole_and_fish: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :fishing_pole_and_fish:

Gonna hit you all with a scorcher of a hot take here - I don’t really want to go to work


Oh that’s right on the cusp. You’re basically in Hertfordshire.

Get down to Basildon and then we can talk.


Sounds like you accidentally opened The Scary Door. :ghost:

The man on my bank of desks is not blowing his nose but sniffing up snot at 20 second intervals.

I’m going to kill someone today #mood

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Lisbon on Friday tho :sunglasses: