Monday 19th February 2018 - The Thread

Frank and the man are both in on this and are fucking with you in an elaborate ploy with an end game of making you buy more dog treats


Nothing to report.

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Uh-oh. We’re short-staffed already today and now one of our team has called in sick. Today is going to be stressful. On the switchboard after two so if @laelfy wants to start her ‘Call Geese’ thread then’s the time to do it.

Date tonight. Excited but nervous at the same time.



Not feeling it today, at all. Probably have something to do with excessive drinking and drugging since Thursday :thinking:


Your dog is called Frank


Genuinely would love to call you up but I’d be worried that they record your calls and I might get you fired.

I’ve never found blowing my nose stops me sniffling

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Yeah, feeling ropey here but that’s what being in the pub all of Sunday will do to a person.


Not recorded while we’re on the switchboard! Oh yeah!

I used to share a house with a cat named Eric.

If you have snot sitting on your nose and you sniff it up and it then runs down again and then you sniff it up again over and over and over, you should just blow it out and you won’t have snot to sniff up.

Can’t STAND snot sniffers. Mingers.


I would counter blowing my nose only encourages ‘production’ in the nosal area, it doesn’t clear but replenishes, so it makes a lot of noise for no benefit, maybe there is a thread in this

Don’t have a proper pass for this place so I’m sitting in the lobby waiting for someone to come and take me to the office. I think if another 3 mins go by I’ll text someone to get me like the dweeb I am

That’s right, he is.

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Such bullshit.

Stop being a minging sniffer and just blow your bloody nose!


That’s a good dog name

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Was worried I would get back to sleep when I woke up at 5 but did and here I am, felt decent.

Could WFH but have booked a little room at work to do work with a good colleague as actually need to get quite a bit done.

Changed cereal to waitrose’ toasted rice and wheat flakes. 6/10.

#frankfortheday is one of the best things on instagram

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