MONDAY 1st March thread

Alright March peeps. On the up, quick coffee here. Gotta dash…


Pinch punch


Overslept, had a shower, putting the washing on the line, finishing this cuppa then off to the joy factory

Not happy with this

For me the seasons change on the equinox thingies so around the 21st of the month. Humph.

I’ve been enjoying the Alien Weaponry album so thanks for that!

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Got one more day off so shortly back to sleep. Started Wandavision last night, 3 eps in and not sure how I feel about it.

Morning everyone, you all OK? Its a school day! Which means breakfast now.

Going to accept my new job offer and fuck of my old mob today and then spend the afternoon chilling. Maybe take the dog out.


Ah that’s great stuff. Apparently they’re quite well known, played large support slots and festivals. But yeah, they’re pretty good

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Episode 4 made me get into it. The first 3 left me pretty cold.

All the same I still have issues

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Can we lay off the equinox chat brah?

Got a dentist appointment today then work. Probably won’t finish til 8pmish.
So not a great day.

Meteorological spring innit


Don’t wanna


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Morning all!

Have to go in to work for my remedial ICT course today and tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Don’t need to take much with me, so gonna cycle in. Even if it is really foggy and ‘Feels like - 3’…

Morning all.

Guilty lol at how this product title got shortened.

Got a busy week ahead. Live lessons and planning and marking and blimey I think I’m definitely doing more hours working from home than I would if schools were open.

Then it’s my good lady’s birthday tomorrow and I went and panic bought her a present despite the fact I had already given her money for her new car. Now very skint and worrying that I’ve bought something she doesn’t want and won’t use. Fuck.

I also ordered her a cake online (she’ll definitely like and ‘use’ that) and hoping that arrives on time tomorrow.

Also got some work on the house starting on Wednesday and I’ll need to do some furniture shifting ahead of that happening.

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Wonder if my delivery is at the depot


Listening to Seasons of Love by Donny Osmond to honour the changing of seasons. What an absolute belter of a song.
Gonna try my paws at making shortcrust pastry later, feel like that’s the sort of thing I should be able to do. Could absolutely murder a subway though, which is a foul thing to be wanting at this hour.

Morning all!

We’ve got online Prelims for my exam class happening this week but I have planned the rest of my week to produce very little work so there’s an outside chance I’ll get them marked in teaching time. I feel a bit like I might be able to relax after they’re over.

It’s also Wor Lass’s birthday at the end of the week.

There are five weeks left until Easter.

@shinymcshine - That’s a busy week!


Bringing back bad memories of terrible clubs when you were sixteen? I feel ya…