Monday 21st October

Had a load of bizarre dreams and interrupted sleep. No fun.

Today is the start of a hellish week in work but my Thomann order has arrived in Ireland so maybe I’ll get it today!

I vicariously enjoyed your holiday, thanks.

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no problem theo


First night at grand in laws - we’ve moved in for a couple of weeks whilst we’re getting some work done at home. Noah is enjoying his newfound crawling skill in a house larger than a shoebox which is nice :smiley:

Going to look at another primary school today, then back to work after a week off this afternoon to clear up several shitstorms. Yay.
Big up Dis x

Back in work, out of the house, butt still aches byt dint nwed ridiculous pain killers to control it

Bit of World Cup action going on over on that music board


TERRIBLE night’s sleep. The other half was out until 1am-ish, but the boy woke up at 12.30, went downstairs on his own (because I’d left a light on), then didn’t get back to sleep until about 2am. Ugh. Thank goodness I’m working from home today.

Now, coffee, and lots of it.


Accidentally opened the wrong part of the lid on the jar of ground ginger and way overdid it in my pear porridge. Close to inedible.

Got a group thing this morning that I really don’t want to go to.

Also is the first day of R’s two week :exclamation: half term.

On a bus to Kandy

Luckily it’s not too busy and the long journey hasn’t turned into a Kandy crush saga


Morning all.

I’ve been awake since about four shivering and feeling sick. I don’t think I’m well.

Was supposed to be at an exam board meeting today so my class was already cancelled.


Off today but don’t think I can actually afford to not just do work all day, pointless :sleepy:

Wearing my new big coat for the first time and it is warm as an oven :slight_smile:


morning Joke; all :wave:

woke up in a grumpy mood and haven’t really recovered from that so far - crap weather, train delayed, back hurts, rubbish.

might buy a chocolate muffin, that’ll do the trick maybe?

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Got a blinding headache that won’t fuck off and, in a couple of hours, a fairly important meeting. Had anxiety dreams about calling in sick. I’m not going to but i haven’t got out of bed yet

Morning all

Far too sleepy this morning. Got home at midnight and was back at the train station seven hours later.

When I got off the train last night there were a group of four London types. I overheard their conversation with the station staff, which was something like “yeah so we’ve made a huge fucking error and have got a train to King’s Lynn instead of King’s Cross. Is there a train back to London?” AAAAHHH SUFFER (and enjoy your stay in the King’s Lynn Travelodge)


Feel pretty ill today. 5 year old saw and said “Just take a deep breath” awww :heart_eyes_cat:
He’s probably an anti-vaxxer or something. I need drugs god damn it!



Have to do some serious winging it this morning at work, quite like that though, keeps it interesting.

Taking some people from the Asian branches of Cosmo and Elle around the NQ but I have to pick them up from their hotel, as far away from the NQ as possible, so need to come up with some filler in that half hour walk but not enough that it delays the journey too much, but enough that we’re not just silently walking.

Yep it’s definitely big coat day today


Sunny and cold is the best weather though.

Oh god, just made the mistake of going on Facebook and saw that my brother’s dad is visiting him and yep, once again, my feed is flooded with photos of them both awkwardly fondling the girls of Hooters. My brother’s fiance is with them too this time, a real wholesome family experience. Why would you take your dad to these places, and why EVERY time he visits.