Monday 28th September: The Thread

Morning all. Early shifts and a three day week coming up for Ella. Nobody else is in the building yet so I’ve got my feet up between jobs. Hopefully someone is coming to look at my roof later; hopefully he will not suck in his teeth and go “gonna cost you, m9”, but I suspect this is a forlorn hope. How about youse, troops?

Hi ella. Early shifts for me too. Yay!

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Morning Ella, Rich, everyone else.

Feel I should be full of Monday morning energy but lol hell no.

Been playing too many Kasabian albums, Ella?

Good morning @Ella_Megablast, good morning @rich-t, good morning @stupidsexyflanders :heart::coffee::muscle:t2:

Woken up with bad sciatic pain all down one leg. Might as well just be put down at this point.

Morning all. After a restful weekend I have this weird dread because on Friday I was such a wreck at work.

Please tell me it’ll all be marvellous and fine.

@anon19035908 about time you start building that robot body huh?

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The boy’s birthday today. 6 years old. He seems pretty excited about it all. Who remembers that excitement, eh?

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I almost turned the alarm off and went back to sleep, forgetting it was a school day :upside_down_face:

Doing the lidl’n’library double after drop off for my daily dose of excitement.

Might finish my book after, oh and D&D tonight :+1:

I think it will all be marvellous and fine. If I was a teacher I’d be in pieces every week by about Tuesday morning.


Knowing my luck it’d probably just turn against me and walk me off a cliff or something!

They blow the bloody roof off! :speaker: :fire: :guitar:

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A lady is dropping three more chickens off at the farm today. That’ll be fun. Still haven’t named all the last lot from June.

Booked my flu jab for next week. Pump me full of the go faster drugs please NHS boffins :muscle:t2: :syringe:


Here was me thinking it was the winter gales, but no, fucking Kasabian have been sneaking round my gaff while I’m out and playing impromptu gigs


Haha yeah you sure as hell wouldn’t want to stay in :joy:

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Right let’s work out the football game scores and see just how bad mum is fucking rinsing everyone

My 5th day of work and I’ve phoned in sick :joy::joy::joy: my life

Covid test later just to be sure as I can’t really breathe rn :man_shrugging: but think it’s probs just tonsilitus, my asthma is always shit when I’m ill, but better to be safe than sorry and all that

Will just plonk myself in front of the TV then I suppose

Never heard it, etc… But date went well then :wink:


Had to cancel on her cos of this :sweat_smile: my body is an asshole dickhead


Did you miss a comma out there? :laughing:

Well I love you Jokeyjoke even if your body doesn’t xoxoxox