Monday 29th by my watch

Good morning. It is officially the opening day of shorts to work season:

Form an orderly queue!

What you got going on?


Drinking a coffee and faffing.


Morning I am wearing a long sleeved t-shirt because it was a bit cold when I got up. I feel I will regret this choice of garment by 11 o’clock.

Morning all!

I’m mainly doing some essay feedback this morning but I need to mark the essays first. Thus afternoon I’ll be droning on about presentation skills for a bit and then playing computer games.

Harissa cauliflower for tea and then D&D.

Outside is horrible this morning. It doesn’t feel like shorts weather here.


I’m going to play an actual game of football tonight. So fucking excited



Have to wait in for a parcel to be delivered ‘before 1pm’, not that I’ve managed to drag myself out of bed yet anyway. Been struggling to get up these last few days, which bodes well for getting up at 4am tomorrow…

Bike ride and/or dog walk afterwards, depending on what time it is delivered.

It’s not here either really but I generate a lot of natural warmth at work and I was getting too sweaty in certain regions to carry on with jeans.


Today is my Friday. Cannot wait for a week off just in time for some decent weather.

How is it still March?

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Unable to leave bed this morning, miss my old extra hour.

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I’ve found a really old pair of trainers that I absolutely loved that I couldn’t bear to throw away, so I’ve put them in the washing machine to see if that brings them back to life.

Might go for a bike ride at lunchtime, so that could be an excuse to crack out the shorts

Magic 8 ball: am I going to get this draft finished by “the end of the month” like I promised?

Also my email is being funny. The ball knows all.


Went full Wahlberg this morning. Got up early and made lil sausage brioches for us, then half an hour later we hit Just Dance on the switch and did half an hour of dancing like maniacs.

Feeling really fucking good even though I got office work now.

Oh and Stealthy has joined my ska band :smiley:


The router from my new internet provider arrived and the logo makes it look like it’s a children’s toy router


Morning troops

I’m at the local bakery getting a lorne and tattie scone roll with a iced donut so that’s how my morning is going.


… Rubber Johnnies… Call 'em what you like, just stay safe


What sauce you going for with that? Also can I have one please? Brown sauce for preference, but if it needs to be red, I’ll live with it.

Read this as farting :see_no_evil:


Morning all.

Painted the spare bedroom over the weekend, it is no longer a poorly applied “parrot Green”. Shoulder is feeling it now.

Had a middle Eastern takeaway on Friday night, which was loaded with garlic. My stomach has been incredibly vocal since Saturday morning.

Sorry xylo, this isn’t up to my usual posting standards. I wish only the best for your lil sausage brioche.

Brown always

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