Monday 29th by my watch

that too

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omg i can wear my summer dunagrees for the next three days :partying_face:

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Oh god me too :flushed: thought I was the only one so was gonna not mention but now haaaa

corn flakes aren’t great are they

They’re good smashed up in place of breadcrumbs for making chicken nuggets.

As a cereal, no.

checks watch

honestly, try mustard. it’ll change your life.

Ha, are you with Zen too? Their customer service portal is also worryingly shit looking. Mine gets activated today, exciting!

Oh fuck

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No, some people called air broadband that I’ve never heard of, but I want big daddy gigabyte fibre and it was them or Vodafone. So… them.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’m on holiday. All day, every day


I am also playing an actual game of actual football tonight. Beyond excited, obviously.

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I’ve already been for a bike in the woods - was still a bit chilly then but I did expose some of my legs

It’s a bit sunnier now, gonna be a nice day in Btown

Lots of people on holiday from work today which means a quiet day for me :+1::v::love_you_gesture::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::raised_back_of_hand:

D&D tonight


morning all :wave:

tried to be good last night and went to bed earlier than normal. had a rubbish night’s sleep, including dreams of being forced to play rugby and everyone saying I was shit at something, woke up tired and hasnt got better since. the lesson is: never try.

tempted to go for a walk during the day and get a doughnut, but then I’m trying to be healthy and lose some weight at the moment so maybe not. unless the walk cancels out the doughnut… :thinking:

Off for a little jog.
Been running really slowly since I started playing tennis again and not sure why. My muscles must have mutated

Trapped in stocktaking hell. Send help.

it’s easter this week

  • i knew this
  • i didn’t know this

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can’t move for eggs in the shops

cannot move for them

I gave up sugar for Lent so I’ve been counting down the days/hours/minutes for weeks now :rabbit: :hatching_chick:

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