Monday 4/20 #blazeit

Morning chummmmmmmmmmmmps

Off on my morning walk, not been to bed yet and have a phone call with work at some point between 9 and 1 so I guess I’m in this for the long haul.

How are YOU?


Yesterday i slept a solid 11 hours
Last night I think I barely got 3 hours sleep?

Might go for a run

having a coffee before my now routine hour on the turbo

really gonna have to do some work this week but I just can’t be bloody bothered, you know?

it’s also plasticmike’s birthday next week so I need to… sort that out? gonna be weird, huh

Good morning Jack, Meow, Niknaks! Good morning DiS!

Nothing to report.

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Morning you lot. Sorry I’ve been quite quiet and disengaged over the last month or so. Have been lurking and it’s lovely to see you being there for each other.

Finding sleep a real challenge too. Mostly the art staying asleep is alluding me. Jolting awake with lotsa ideas at 5am most days, including a little project that should allow me to bring back Drowned in Sound editorially in a new form (it’s not Pogs!)

Had a quiet weekend. Did a watchalong of Xanadu on Friday. Long walk on Saturday after doing some record store day bits. Then, recorded this month’s Soho Radio Show last night, so if you fancy hearing some calming tunes (bit obsessed with new Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini) alongside everything from Sly to SZA, then listen today from 4-6pm via TuneIn on your smart speaker, their app or online

Taught myself how to use Audition yesterday (went down a rabbit hole of voice frequencies…) and managed to put together the show whilst Danielle Perry sent me her links from Brighton. My setup is on par with Four Tet’s :grimacing:


Morning @sean :heart_eyes:


Always nice when a lurker finally decides to post. Welcome to the boards! :wink:


:wave: A/S/L? (I really don’t miss AOL chat rooms)


AOL music quiz chatroom was quite good tbf.


Silly baby woke up crying at 4:45 then got herself back to sleep until 6. I have subsequently been awake since 4:45 :zzz:

Morning all…up and out at this hour feels quite…good really as it means hopefully getting back into a better routine.

Have a good day everybody.

I wish I had some weed


I only tend to smoke once/twice a year but I’m really looking forward to going round to my mates when this is done and having a bbq and a few smokes.

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Morning all.
+1 for the lack of sleep crew.

First day ‘back’ at work after a few days off. According to my diary I have 6 hours of video calls today. Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.

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Everybody get up! Singing 1-2-3-4-F!ve will make you get down now, baby bring it on, bring it on now!

(20/4 = 5)



Fuck is Abz wearing there?


Looks like extreme sports body armour :smiley:

Lockdown makes

  • Monday’s feel less dready
  • Monday’s feel more dready
  • About the same

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Who was your favourite member of F!ve?

  • Abz
  • Jay
  • The Hot One
  • The Other One
  • The Other Other One

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