Monday 7th September, Daytime Thread

Morning all. It’s only 0740 and I’ve already run out of hot effluent. When work ends I get to go back to a house with no functioning water supply. Hurrah :grimacing:

What youse got planned?

Gonna bathe in all my hot effluent most of the day.

It’s so versatile

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Ooh, a plane


Going to work. Need to ring the plumber cause the pipe has come away from under the kitchen sink somehow so that’s fun.

Still a very rare occurrence.

Daughter’s first day at school since March today! Bit of trepidation last night but more excitement this morning, which is good. Just got back from taking her to the bus stop and the house is weirdly quiet.

It’s my wedding anniversary today as well, going to go out for coffee and cake before the TV has to go to work this afternoon. Apparently there’s a new wanker coffee and vegan cake place in Clifton, so I look forward to handing over the same amount as my mortgage payments to get a drink.


Absolutely shattered. It’s Friday for me today though :tada:


There’s a lot of cake next to people’s names here. Is it DiS’s birthday or something?

Think it’s when the new boards started and loads of people signed up.

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That means it must be the birthday of a very special someone!

Hope you have a great day @discobot!!! :birthday::birthday:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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Eating my porridge in the rain

Thought my phone interview for a job I don’t want was this morning, but it’s actually tomorrow, so I’ve got another 24 hours in which to do absolutely no preparation for it.


Morning all!

First day of virtual teaching. I’m appropriately excited.

Alright Norman Stanley Fletcher.


Small hilarity in our house today as my partner insisted I get up at 6:40, saying it was a perfectly good time to get up (it is, but I don’t need to get up that early), and then it transpired she thought it was 7:40. Ha ha ha!

Ooh I like operator screens. Was working on one just last week.

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Morning Ella, morning all. Just got back from shopping and had a breakfast of crumpets with jam. It was properly autumnal out there earlier - the first time I’ve seen haze like this since Feb/March.