Monday 8th January 2018

Morning DiS,

How are you all? It’s the first working Monday most of us have had to face since before Christmas. Let’s face it together.

What are your plans for the day? How are your dread levels? Anything interesting of note that you’d like to add?

Morning CCB

Was in work until 11ish yesterday. Had a swift McD’s got dinner. Back in at 7 this morning. I’m pretty tired. Got tomorrow off and planning to leave about 3 today.

Ooft that’s a nasty combination of shifts. I would have thought things would’ve quietened down at work? Hope you get your early finish today anyway.

I cleared out the garage yesterday of boxes and boxes that we’d been keeping. Not sure why. It took four hours to clear it out and then another hour to the dump and back. It was -2°C at the dump and as I was unloading the cardboard from the car one of the attendants came over and gave me a cup of tea.


Whether today is an easy one or a total nightmare depends on the reply I get to the email I sent yesterday like a total #hero, so we’ll see.

In the less nightmarish scenario, I go to the pub after work for a chicken burger and some games of Netrunner, so fingers crossed for that outcome.


Last week at work. I’m gonna do so much work. Currently deciding when to take my morning nap. 10am should do it today.

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It’s cold out

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Urgh. So tired.

Wfh today because the plumber’s coming to finish the bathroom. Gonna watch Frasier :+1:

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Thought you might want to know that the aisle seat man (different one from Friday) saw that I was clearly about to get off the train at Cambridge, and preemptively let me out. :+1:

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-7 out there and the heating is broken in the office. LOOOOOL


Alright ccb and friends. Both our new sofas are arriving this week :heart_eyes: Looking forward to seeing the back of my camping chair even if it does have a cool bag in one of the arms.

You could just turn it around?



Morning! First day in a permanent job since the end on August. Had sort of forgotten how to get ready in the morning/the horror

First day back at uni/morning I’ve had to be up in ages and HNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG

If only this was M999 CBA.


Morning all.

My shitheap of a car passed it’s MOT on Saturday. I now believe in miracles. That’s all the news I have.

Plans: none.
Dread levels: mild but rising.
Anything interesting? not a sausage.

Hope everyone pulls through this miserable Monday in one piece.

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It is beautifully sunny here but also -3 degrees!!!

Im wearing joggers over my jeans because I’m pure class but