Monday 9th Aug

Morning all!

It’s my last day of holiday so I’ll be playing computer games for a change of pace etc.

Most of my colleagues are back today so I’ll be muting the Whatsapp groups.

I had a sesame bagel for breakfast.

What are you doing/ eating? Stop it!


I too had a bagel for breakfast, with butter and marmalade. And an orange, and a banana, and some yoghurt.

Now I’m sitting at my home working desk simulating doing some work.

The weather is still chronic. Wish I was back on the Isle of Man. At least weather works ‘properly’ over there, not this constant stream of meh like here.

Morning Keith!

I’m currently eating porridge with a chopped peach in it. Once that’s finished I’m cracking on with painting the lounge. I don’t ache as much as I thought I would today after yesterday’s decorating so that’s good.

I hope your last day of holiday is fun!


Going to the shop and going to buy the blandest food I can find as part of my recovery from jab side effects.


Morning Keith, all!

Overslept so didn’t drag myself out of bed until 8.50am (for supposed 9am start). Got a colleague OOO this week so i’m covering alot of her work, so it’s going to be a busy week (but the days will go quick at least).

Like @shes_so_high i’m in porridge club, but chopped strawberries for me! (Chopped peach sounds delicious, going to have that tomorrow.)

Morning all!

Couple of toasts for breakfast here.

The furniture that was being delivered on Wednesday , Friday is being delivered today although I’ve not had anything to confirm it’s left the depot yet… Fingers crossed.

Going to go for a short bike before it rains again.

day 2/14 of A being away. already going bit doolally, will be full escobar swimmingpool by evening

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Morning, got in at like 1 last night. So a bit tired.

Am supposed to be off today but thinkong of working and taking Friday off (so I can watch cricket)

bought a new waistcoast last night in a moment of madness

i have so little to report

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It’s raining. Never mind.


Slept terribly. Managing my own work today so not the end of the world but I still have lots to do and just want to go back to bed. Might have a nap at lunchtime.

Juice for breakfast. Really feeling the need to get some fruit and veg down me after a slightly indulgent few weeks (…months …year) on the beers and crisps.

Off on our holidays :partying_face:

Got work to do when I arrive :sob:

Hope it doesn’t rain this afternoon as got a few hours to kill in Aberystwyth to break the day up a bit before the trek to the campsite.

Any lunch/ice cream/general tips (bear in mind I have 3 bags with me)…?


The wasps are bad today.

Might get a bagel for lunch

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Morning all.

Forecast for today is dry, so there’ll be a commited effort to finish the garden.

Morning all,

First day logging in after two weeks off. Only the 690 emails to go through :grimacing:

Didn’t go to work today as feeling v rough. Did a LFT but negative, think I’m just run down (again!) and my throat is always the first to cop it.

Bf has gone away on a golf trip. Fucking cheek of it!

Going into the studio today to do some stuff which is way out of my wheelhouse and i’m shitting it. Good job i’ve had three coffees to really up the anxiety levels.

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There’s little funicular railway and a cafe/camera onscura at the top, i think.

As i was a poor student when i lived there, cant really remember any food places other than chippies.

The ice cream place on the pier was nice.

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