Monday 9th March 2020 (Morning)

Been forever since I’ve been up early enough to make the daily thread

How y’all doing?

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Have done something to my neck whilst sleeping. Can’t look left and down is a bit of an issue too. Hoping ibuprofen will sort it out once I have some breakfast.

That aside, it’s a grey, meh Monday.

Hello Joke, hello everyone else. Work shortly, more counting stuff I reckon. Might go to the supermarket after work, I’ll keep you updated. Wonder if my sister will notice that I set all their clocks back an hour while they were on holiday.


Enjoying my Facebook memory this morning (even though I look like a dork)


Think I have gout in my big toe, so that makes walking fun. Yay. or I dropped something on it. Either way, walking is tricky today

Solidarity my uric friend. Had it before?

Wait… you went to Japan with jr when she was a baby? :open_mouth:

Could barely leave the house with R when he was that age.

You’re going to tell me that was in Manchester now, probably.


Morning Joke, morning everybody. Just made part of this week’s workday food and put the washing out - sunny breezy day so far, isn’t it? - before a visit to the gym.


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It’s Japan, in fact she took her first steps there. Found flights for like £300 return, i haveJapanese family out there and they helped me out with finding a super cheap house to stay in (the coldest house of all time). I don’t advise flying with aeroflot with a young child (or ever) as it was the worst experience, and by the time we left Paris she got conjunctivitis too. It was…fun? (She stayed in the sling for pretty much the entire trip which was a dream!)


Ibuprofen and paracetamol in rotation, try and get to the Dr for some naproxen and drink a fucking huge amount of water.


Happy birthday @scout and @iamwiggy and myself :birthday:

I have a crying hangover lol. Wish I could hide in bed all day tbh


Morning all. Nothing to report. House is in disarray after we started cleaning for an inspection by the letting agency yesterday but didn’t get it finished.

Looks like both hospitals my GF’s grandparents are in are on lockdown, which is for the best but it’s going to be a wrench not seeing them, especially when they might not have much time left.

Oh no, let it clear up soon so you can have a nice day.

HB dingers and wiggy :two_hearts:

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Cheers. On the water hard already, and getting stuff later. Gonna try the docs, but not holding out much hope for today

Don’t quote me on this but you might be able to get it at the chemist.

Just broke 100F here and I’ve got a stinking hangover.
Will cry if there’s a power cut and it turns the ac off.

Will you have enough water in your body to cry?

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Hangovers in hot countries are probably better tbh. Sweats it out of ya, and you’re forced to drink loads more water.

Our baby was born in Japan, and we had to fly back when she was only three months old. Was absolutely dreading it, but she slept most of the way…until an hour away from Heathrow when she turned into a fountain of vomit. I think more part digested milk came up than could actually fit in her little body. It was pooling in the seats around us, absolutely horrible. Fortunately we had no one sat next to us. The staff had to get the TV a pair of the free pajamas from First Class to wear as her clothes were ruined. Great times.