Monday 9th March 2020 (Morning)


kin hell


Morning all!

After getting to bed at stupid o’clock and waking up at just before 1.00 and 5.30 for cuddles and milk respectively, The Child did not respond to our strict 6.25 alarm call. I eventually coaxed her out of bed at 7.00 by offering to drive her to nursery this morning.

Made it to nursery and work in good time though.


Total meltdown again this morning. Can’t function and it is really scary. Didn’t really know what else to do so have taken some of my emergency anxiety meds and will probably be knocked out by them very shortly.


At work. Would rather not be at work.

Sending non-overwhelming hugs x


Morning dis. Not much on today. Gonna wing on over to a certain bday thread to pay my regards to some awesomedissers.

Have come in to a glorious reply all clusterfuck after someone sent an email to an all_users address. So, so many “hi I think you’ve sent this to the wrong person” replies. One very sarcastic UNSUBSCRIBE in massive letters. Office worker life doesn’t get any better than this.


Feeling crappy this morning - My mum got taken into hospital last night, after a fall caused by an infection which has affected her heart and her lungs. Apparently she told the doctors not to resuscitate if it came to it :frowning:

There’s been no news since about 11.30 last night. It feels like everything’s just stopped right now.

Look after yourself pal, we’re all here if you need us.


looks burnt

The worst replies are the ones that are all mock ignorant “did you mean to send this to everyone???” no obviously you dumb numpty and now you’re adding to the problem

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Oh god I’m so sorry xxxx sending all the best xxx


it might be dirt

i know nothing about plants

All a bit weird with the lockdown here in Italy. Plenty of toilet rolls though. England is a bit mental on that stuff isn’t it.

Thanks @anon19035908 and @tilty . My mum’s been pretty sick for years. She was in intensive care when I was on paternity leave, and was also in hospital again when my nephew was born. The NHS is amazing, and when she’s come out of hospital often she’s in better shape than before she got sick, so fingers crossed.


Colleague found me crumpled on the floor sobbing, great day so far (she’s been lovely and stayed with me)

I’m so sorry but keeping everything crossed she pulls through x

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On your birthday? Sad face :cry:

Sending love xxx

Thinking of you and yours mate, got everything crossed for you.


Turns out my bosses have finally cottoned on to how useless my incompetent colleague is and now I’ve got double the workload. Great. Although I have just been told that I can invoice separately for all the stocksheet work I’ll be doing at home at time and a half which’ll keep the ol’ wolf from the door for a bit.

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