Monday again then

Alright? Need to get out of bed really but got some massive cba going on. Should be a pretty textbook day down the beer mine tbh, not much else happening. Wbu?!?

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Should get my liability insurance confirmed today so I can go forth and be an absolute liability as I see fit. Once that’s sorted I can start the pesky business of actually getting work lined up so I can head back down the patent mines.

If I ever get out of bed, that is.

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Hi. Get through this week and it’s half term and a week off. Hoping for an easy one tbh.


Morning all!

It’s half term here so obviously The Child was awake at 6.30.

We’ve all had bacon and egg sandwiches and now we’re watching Maya and The Three (like a Mayan Dark Souls).

We’re going swimming later.

Had pretty much a booze free weekend so was expecting to be full of beans today. Instead I had a crap sleep cause full of cold. Oh well. Robbie in four days

Monday can absolutely do one. Surprised people aren’t rioting outside

Morning. On my way to Stoke, as per the thread I started slightly too late :smiley: all is running on time so that’s good.


Made special oatmeal with sautéed apples and cinnamon and stuff this morning. Still just oatmeal ultimately, and thus not that exciting.


Pretty exciting for a Monday morning imho


Guess ull go to the desk in my living room and do some work

I brought some bramley apples from my mum’s garden specifically for the hamster of one of the kids i tutor last night and she loved it :sob::heart: just remembered that again and it made me happy

I love her, she never bites me anymore i think she knows i wouldn’t hurt her :sob: she’s so cute


Morning DiS,

Bit of a ropey night sleep but ive got coffee and so we manage.

Rhythm Time at 10.45am then got a GP appointment at 2.15pm.

Need to do more laundry today ahead of our trip on Friday.


No booze or fags since Saturday afternoon, feeling pretty well rested and low anxiety which is good. Nothing stops the crushing tedium of a Monday though eh? It’s raining loads here this morning

Got therapy at lunch (hopefully will be dry by then), yoga then D&D


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Logged on to my work laptop in bed and realised that I have very little work to do today. Result.

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Good morning all :wave:

I’ve been up since 4am as I’ve got a meeting in Stoke at 9.30am (why did I do this to myself?) Am currently at Nuneaton train station waiting for train 3 of 4. Luckily my working day finishes at 1.30pm so I can check into the hotel and have a snooze.

Currently listening to The Last Broadcast by Doves

Haven’t listened to it for ages as I tend to default to Lost Souls but it’s an excellent album. Pounding, New York, The Goes The Fear, Caught By The River - GBOBT (good bunch of Doves tunes). Feels like the right music for travelling through the west midlands on a dark autumn morning.


Waiting till ten to pap the youngest into nursery. Then a visit to the range and hoping to get woodwork glossed and dry before they get home.

Great album by a great band. Love The Sulphur Man.


Week two of waiting to hear back from an interview. Still sending applications and checking the jobsites but I felt really good about this one. The waiting is infinitely worse than the actual interview but then for my current job I got offered the same day so I’m definitely spoiled.

Bit tired as the flat two floors up had a very loud but totally music free party last night.

Had porridge with banana and peanut butter in bed then ran home from the school run, doing what felt like a huge detour and i swear i was running for at least an hour but turns out it was 22 minutes :upside_down_face:

Shower then late start to work.

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Feel a bit rough and tired, hope I’m not catching whatever it is that’s been plagueing my wife for the last few days.

Need to ring work in a bit and see what they want me doing this week, as my instructor is still off ill - hopefully it’s ‘sit at home and watch videos’ again…