Monday again

With apologies to the teachers of the board, I am so happy half term is over. Might treat myself and finally get the vacuuming done, before going back to bed.


Had a dream that I was trying to make a thread on here saying Liam and Noel were the successors to Bros but kept having problems trying to make it

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Today is my Friday as I’m off tomorrow. Taking a slightly shorter day as well. Last week of my partner’s mat leave, so things are a bit tense with organising everything for childminders and the anxiety that going back to work brings.

Today is my sunday


Got puppy class tonight, dreading it tbh. If it’s stressful then I don’t think I’ll go again.

Tomorrow I’m meeting my ATDs for lunch and hopefully seeing the Dior exhibition at V&A

Wednesday I’m djing at the museum for their silent disco which should be fun! (It’s £2 if any of the LME fancy it) although the guy recommended I download a program to mix songs better but it’s £50 :confused:


Today is my Monday.

My darling partner decided to put the washing machine on a timer overnight, so now I’ve got to hang the washing up (i.e. the objectively worst domestic task) before I can leave for work, which is taking tantamount to a war crime, imo. On a Monday.


Are there any owls (real or otherwise) around?

Allowing myself to stay in bed until 7.59 so I can pretend it’s still the weekend for nine more minutes

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I had my op and all was a success. However, the anaesthetic has worn off and I’m in a lot of pain so I didn’t really sleep. Gonna try and watch Colony to distract myself from the pain.

So gutted I missed Art Brut at the weekend. My mum went instead and had the best time thought :smiley:

I knew this and yet I’ve still got my winter coat on :clap:

I left mine in Newcastle. Bring it on, weather.

Mixxx is free and should be perfectly suitable for what you’re doing, haven’t used it for ages but for a silent disco I’d guess you don’t really need much more than a crossfader? With no monitors not really sure what else you can do tbh.

morning all

feel loads worse about it being Monday today than usual, not sure why as I can’t think of any particular bullshit that is happening today. maybe I’ve forgotten something and I have a fun surprise waiting for me when I get in…

also I need a haircut. dunno if I cba though, reckon getting a haircut is one of my least favourite things to do ever.

already toying with the idea of taking it off but cba to carry it around. ergh.

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I mean, I could go on.


Morning all,

left my laptop on when we went out on Friday because I’d earlier forgotten to save something that takes ages to save and it was taking ages to save the thing that takes ages to save, so I left it saving and forgot for the rest of the weekend that it was on. Anyway, got to my laptop this morning and it must have disconnected from the VPN before it saved and now my laptop is being really sluggish and it’s taking even longer that usual to save the thing that takes ages to save that I’d forgotten to save on time and then didn’t save when I tried to save it. I’m also having syncing problems with what I’ve done so far today, but I won’t bore you with the details.

Didn’t quite get done the things we were meant to get done this weekend, but fun was had.

Enjoy the week.