Monday again

Alright? Woke up at 6 and couldn’t get back to sleep so got ready early and now I’m just sat on the sofa waiting to go to work. What’s happening?

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Alright. Back at work after a week off. Booo.


Booo indeed.

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Toddler woke us up at 6:30, but is being amazingly cooperative in actually getting dressed and eating cereal. Real challenge will be getting her into the car for nursery. My team are hopefully back from their collective holidays this week which is good as was quite lonely last week.

10yo has half term

I don’t have half term


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Nope Nope Nope

Rains on

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Morning. Was awake at 4.50 because of my body clock so it feels like lunch time now, fucked it.

I handed a report over for checking last week and got it back revised to hell, with a comment of “maybe pay more attention to the edit”. Well, fucked it didn’t I - sent over the non final draft with my highlights and the go-by template details left in. Now I can’t say I did that because it a) looks like an excuse and b) actually just backs up the point being made. Fucking bollocks. Quite annoying. Serves me right for working across three drive locations.


On the train to that London. Going the war museum and the Tower of London.


I’m a bit sick but back at work because there’s too much to do. Not my favourite start to the week. Kiddo is back in school though which is a great help, nice to finally have some quiet around here (I love him dearly etc etc)

I’m not ready for Monday, but its 3 /12 days of work before 2 1/2 weeks off so let’s hit it!

Also back to work after a boring week off. My coat is too warm for this weather. Wife is unwell

:notes: Just gotta get through this

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It’s horrible how suspicious this makes you, isn’t it?

I have lost my voice, does anyone know any good remedies? I’ve been drinking tea with honey that relieves it for about 3 seconds and I had ginger shots which just irritate it

knackered. couldn’t sleep at all on Friday night which was annoying as I’d stayed in and done nothing to try get an early night and last night, spent around 7 hours in the urgent treatment clinic as my gf slipped on a step and done her leg in to be told ‘see how it is in 3 days’. the hospital had no working vending or water machines either. what a laugh!

Whatever you do, don’t whisper. It puts a massive strain on the voice.

Best off trying to be silent for 24 hours and use a text to voice app (I found a free one that was Obama’s voice last time I lost mine)

Get well soon.


Feeling exhausted today even though all I’ve done this weekend is mess around with AI (doing a month of chargpt premium and the speaking voice is creepy!), edit a few podcasts and recorded a new episode last night. Been reading about how consuming news about war for weeks in a row can cause a sense of trauma (apparently it’s called vicarious trauma)

And now someone on my road has started noisy building work. How very Monday.


In the office again. I’m not saying that I’m not like the people I work with but I just heard a couple of them discussing seeing Michael Mcintyre live

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the adverts i am getting on VGC are interesting



Morning all!

I’ve just had an instant porridge pot for breakfast.

My main task today is marking the ten* mini-dissertations that are due back on Wednesday. I’d managed to get the turnaround down to about twenty minutes per script so theoretically I should clear them before lunch. Theoretically.

*It turns out I did more on Friday than I remembered so it’s only seven.