Monday again

Also in the back to work after a week off gang. Would rather have another week off tbqh tbf. There was a lovely rainbow on my way in this morning though


Morning DiS,

In the office. It’s cold in here. Pizza meeting though today so that’s lunch sorted. Having a coffee (2nd of the day), just had my breakfast of a Belvita Soft Bake and a rhubarb yogurt so that was nice.

E-mails very very busy so it’s going to be a busy old day.

Not much else to report tbh.


Rubbish day - get in the bin

Oh yeah, definitely. She wanted more cereal but I said she could have either cereal or 1 Hey Duggee beofre nursery and she chose Duggee, then let me put her shoes on and got in the car fine! I actually made it to nursery on time for the first time in about a month. Still was late for logging on, but not the usual half and hour late like I normally am. I do not anticipate this will last, but will take the small wins where I can.

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Got up at 6 because I had a sneaking suspicion that a client on the other side of the world would want a meeting. I was correct.

I am now tired.

Wait. Something weird has happened. I just got a bargain in eBay (a copy of Grand Royal magazine that usually sells for 5x the price) and won a year’s subscription to New Philospher magazine. First competition I’ve won since winning one in the Beano.



The spies and NI exhibitions at IWM are well worth checking out. I went last week.

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Now feel like I’ve been working for about 19 hours already today

Alright? In Spain. Sunny. Rented bikes, me and the youngest. Did 12 miles on the flat, bike paths, by the sea, in the sun. Felt like heaven. Also a very good pastry mid-ride. And saw a black redstart


It’s gone twelve, so I’m cracking on with my sandwiches. Chicken leftover from yesterday’s roast today


Someone is at the door talking my boyfriend’s ear off.

Last time this happened he ended up agreeing to change energy supplier.


Tech issues at my workplace over the weekend, and currently ongoing. Means that essentially none of our systems are running (can’t even log on to my email), so it’s currently literally impossible to do any work? Hmmm interesting

Also back after damp half a week off, looking at the sunshine outside and resenting it.

Parents are dropping the cat back off while we’re both at work so it’ll be fun to see what damage he’s done to the house while we’re out.

Someone in an email just said I hope I enjoyed “the longer weekend” on account of the extra hour. Not having this.


Just got a mystery delivery and assumed it was a machine gun

(It was a jasmine plant :potted_plant: :heart_eyes:)


I would have assumed an ancient relic like maybe the ark of the covenant or similar


Try those throat spray things if it’s sore too. It numbs it and loosens it for me. Absolute god send when my voice started coming back.

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Afternoon, trying to have a productive Monday as got the next 3 days off as my friend is on the way up so we can watch all the horror films, snack and maybe walk the Malvern hills if weather allows.