Monday and a question

Hi, please ask as many questions as you like here today.

My question is, has any Saturday night live sketch ever made you laugh?

No is my answer.

How’s it going? What’s for breakfast and lunch?



do you want me to be more specific?

howard shore and his all-bee band

Might be one or two more but, that’s the only one I can think of on a Monday morning.

That’s a no.

No brekkie, ate a a big dinner last night and still full. Lunch is undecided but I will update.

Broke 5k running last night, and felt I could do more, was good. Aiming for 7 at the weekend, let’s see.

Have marvellous Monday’s you fine DiSers

Morning Scout and everyone :wave:

No. I mean, Wayne’s World was spawned from SNL but that doesn’t count and I just looked up their SNL sketches on youtube and the first one has a homophobic bit in it :grimacing:

Okay for a Monday, I guess? Trying to crack on and be productive, which is why I’m on here obvs

Breakfast was toast with marmite. Lunch is a spiced mystery gourd soup.

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A few but the hit to miss ratio is like 1:1000. My wife was watching one about Kanye last night actually and I said the same thing then, it’s bizarre how popular it is and how many good comedians have been on it but how absolutely shit it is itself.

Kiddo’s birthday party yesterday, so we were wrecked afterwards and ordered Thai. Also got a fair few sandwiches left from the party as well as leftover taco mince from saturday’s dinner. Spoilt for choice with lunch today

Taco mince club sandwich.

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when Wiig says “imagine years after years after years of chicken” it has me in tears

we could do a whole thread of solid SNL women castmember perfomances

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No thank you

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Sorry. Please tell me more…

I don’t think I’ve watched enough to say. So that’ll be no, then

Still in a world of snot here. I’ve got a bit more energy than yesterday, so hopefully I’ll be fighting fit again soon

Apricot Wheats for breakfast. Lunch is a way off yet, but a ham sandwich maybe?

Got the day off thank god. Gonna go to breakfast then my guests are leaving at 12 so I’m gonna have a bath and some leftover Chinese and listen to some records and become one with the sofa.


The monday we all aspire to have


I’m an absolute mess

Could barely sleep despite being exhausted

This was exactly the clip I was going to post.

“Definitely beef”

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Good morning Scout, Good morning all.

Not really watched enough to give a true answer, however in general I find all of those sorts of shows terminally unfunny and boring.

Fine, so far. Just prepping myself to go adventurising on the bike. Going to Cannock Chase, so might even bring myself back a deer for the autumn challenge.

Brekkie was 3x Weetabix.
Lunch will be whatever I can scavenge while I’m out and about.

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It has not!

I made a serious music thread befitting of Menless Monday.


Not knowingly seen one. Tend not to really get on with typically American humour well though so most likely not even if I have.

I slept well once I eventually got to sleep. Could have done with far more of it though.

Good Moleman to you all

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