Monday and that

Hi, I’m at work and it’s grey and a bit rainy and all the holidaying masses will be coming to the shop soon :frowning: What about you though eh?

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Wfh and I’m grateful atm for the shit weather

Keeps you on yer business

Day off, no plans. Good sentence that.


“Hi, I was thinking of dedicating most of today to doing a bit of research in Raccoon City if that’s alright?”

Wondering if this would fly

Too fooking muggy m9s


Big Shop
Clean Pond

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Feel sick with anxiety

Chucking it down again. Would love a wee break in the sun but that’s not happening. Think we’re meant to get some sun on Friday though.

Wee man was distraught at getting up early this morning, thought we were going to have a real problem but once in the car he was singing away. Waved bye to me at nursery without even turning round which is his usual shtick. Will give the nursery a phone later to see how he’s getting on but I suspect it’s all going to be fine.



Big hugs BS


Already up and working (from bed), woken up with a very stiff arm. What’s up with that, arm??
One of my friends is working in Cardiff today, in a garden centre called my surname :smiley: how fun

Don’t you start, your soup comments were the first thing I thought of when I woke up. And then when I was getting milk out of the fridge I remembered what you said about the bowl and cheese ages ago and gagged like a cat with a hairball

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Morning all.

Dunno what I was dreaming about but just before my alarm went off someone said to me, “you can have the part in the music video but only if you can provide proof you can climb an invisible plane.” Don’t think I’m getting that part tbh.

This tedious dream chat is all I have for you. Hope you enjoyed it and, of course, that you are well.

Already been at work for 11 minutes!

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Slept until 8.45. boom

Kids are still asleep which I guess it what happens as they get older.

No actual plans. Might start doing the 30 day shred videos, unless there is a better suggestion.

Got a bad feeling about today.

I hope Google Hangouts isn’t bullshitting when they say my boss has left the call bc I’ve spent approx one minute of company time doing silly faces at my webcam and saying “yeah, it’s time to work, it’s working time, labour”

Hadn’t thrown up into a bowl in my lap while sitting on the toilet since that time my ex’s dad drove down from Scotland with some unrefrigerated “duck bacon” in the car.

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Alright Luke Skywalker/Han Solo


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